These dads of series that we would kiffera have

Cinema 19 June, 2017

Place to the most kissing dads of the small screen to celebrate Father’s Day as it should be!
Two weeks ago, we presented you the list of mothers of series that we would like to have, so it is time to honor in their turn the best dads of the small screen. Between daddy cool, daddy hen or bad-ass daddy, the television landscape is populated by fathers of all kinds. And if we did not have a Patriarch like Frank Gallagher, Walter White, Stannis Baratheon or any other Dan Scott , there would be someone who could easily offer a “World’s Best Dad” mug . Here are those who for us represent the cream of the cream of the dads of the TV, those with whom one would have liked to grow:
Keith Mars – Veronica Mars
Already, having a private detective father is quite cool, but when you can also play spies, participate in the investigations and use them against the people roused around you, it’s still the class. Keith Mars had to raise his teenage daughter Veronica, alone, and despite a sometimes tumultuous relationship between the two, we always wanted to have a dad like him. Keith, even if we’re still waiting for our pony, we love you anyway!
Jack Pearson – This Is Us
To say that Jack Pearson is the ideal father is perhaps a bit pushy, but we do not care, Jack Pearson is the ideal father . Cautious, understanding, he’s always ready to go out of his way to give Kevin, Kate and Randall a smile, and we do not count the times we chilled before so much love.
Ned Stak did not last a long time in Game of Thrones , but Robb’s father Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon fought to the end to defend honor and truth. Right in his boots, Eddard was also a comprehensive father with his children . He still offered courses of combat with the sword in Arya and just for that, we kiffe it!
Hal – Malcolm
Not to be confused with his alter-ego, Walter White, who is far from being the father of whom we all dream, Hal is the dad with whom we can make bullshit and who will ask us not to tell Mom – Or daddy ” . Hal is the father of Malcolm, Dewey, Francis, Reese and Jamie in the Malcolm series and he has seen green and ripe steps with all his children, but still he is still cool.
Rupert Giles – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rupert Giles is not technically Buffy’s father, it’s his observer, his mentor. But he will also serve as paternal figure for Buffy, or even the other members of the Scooby-gang during the series . Giles is the father who, under his manly demeanor, conceals a past that is quite sulphurous that one would not have suspected. So, it becomes your best ally against the brutes and other forces of evil.
Of course, there are still plenty of fathers – or paternal figures – cool on TV that could have been added to this list. These include Rogelio De La Vega in Jane The Virgin , Phil Coulson (Agents of SHIELD) and Phil Dunphy (Modern Family), and Sandy Cohen and his bagels in Newport Beach . Which father (s) of series do you kiffer?