These films in subjective view where you live the plot thoroughly

Cinema 23 February, 2017

Basically, the camera films a character’s eyes. And you, you take the view of it, you share its sensations. You identify yourself. Result: you kiffes.
Enter the void
A film by Gaspard Noé. This should be enough to understand that we are talking about an OFNI, an unidentified film object . Shot in sequence, dealing with Buddhism, drugs and other subjects in a contemplative atmosphere, you let yourself be taken away. You plan.
——- 1 ——-
In blair witch mode, it is realized camera in the point in the style designated by the expression found footage. In VF, bands recovered. Recovered means lost, so a situation where something has gone awry . Which is a bit the case in this horror movie.
——- 2 ——-
The Blair Witch Project
Released in 1999, he had slapped everyone. Since then, some have tried to copy it without ever matching it. Normal, the original is always better than the copy . Notably REC, seen above. If you have not seen him, go ahead. But know that at certain times, you will squeeze your buttocks.
——- 3 ——-
It happened close to you
The classic of Benoît Poelvoorde. It must nevertheless know that it was only his film of end of studies at the base, a project with his friends, brothers Belvaux. A film of students become cult , thanks to his surrealist dialogues, Benoît’s hallucinatory lyrical flights, the psychopath, the black and white images as raw as beautiful.
——- 4 ——-
Johnny goes to war
Nothing very funny, but what is beautiful. Dealing with the Second World War, this film with dramatic impulses shows us what solitude is and strikes hard . Awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, you can see Donald Sutherland, Kiefer’s father.
——- 5 ——-
In the shoes of John Malkovich
A little the same kind of delirium as the question: of what color is the white horse of Henry IV? Yes, there is John Malkovich in the movie, scoop. But not only. There’s a beautiful world: Cameron Diaz, John Cusack, Dustin Hoffman . In summary, a guy gets into the head, the skin of John Malkovich. Then other people do it too. Then it crosses in every direction, it’s the edge. An original comedy, without artifices. Who has just added a movie to its “to see” list?