These great actresses who regret to have accepted nude scenes

Cinema 12 January, 2017

When a mistake of youth pursues you everywhere, all the time …

Nah, I see you come, Let Kim Kardashian out of it, especially as I’m not sure she regrets her holiday movie with Ray-J. We said we would talk real actresses, which honor the 7th art in each of their performances . And many of them have yielded – often in their early days – to the sirens of nudity on the altar of an artistic project or something else in the genre. Today, they regret.

Rachel Bilson
In “Last Kiss” , Rachel Bilson plays Kim, a young brunette incendiary that will turn the heads of Michael (Zach Braff) and push it to adultery. And for more authentic, the sex scenes had to be as explicit as possible, even if the actress revealed by the series “The OC” has been somewhat influence the writers : “The film was rated Rated R (forbidden Under 17s unaccompanied by an adult), and they like to put nudity wherever they can, but I’m a pretty intransigent person and I told them when we could do without it ” . Finally, Rachel will undress in a fairly brief sex scene in the midst of the darkness that qualify “uncomfortable” . Not sure we’d get it back soon.

Natalie Portman
“I am sorry today, I did not listen to what my instinct told me at the time, I will do it much more from now on, sometimes the bravest thing you can do is just say no ” . Natalie Portman bitterly regret having dropped the shirt and everything else in “Goya’s Ghosts” in 2006 but especially in “Hotel Chevalier” , a short film by Wes Anderson released in 2007 where she joined for Jason Schwartzman A part of legs in the air in a Parisian hotel. Since then, the young woman accepts rarely undress, like when she used a bottom liner in “Your Majesty” , officially because the lake where she was to dive was “too cold” . Mouais …

Eva Green
James Bond Girl maybe but not potiche for all that. On the set of “Casino Royale” in the famous scene in the shower, director Martin Campbell had suggested Eva Green removing her dress to find only in panties. But the Frenchman addressed her with an objection. Surely she was still traumatized by her experience on “The Dreamers”, an erotic and sensual film where she spends most of her time naked . Experience “disturbing” by his own admission. But oddly, since it exploded in the States, the beautiful Eva appears naked in almost all his films like “Sin City” or “300” . “It’s very ironic. I’m so shy, and at the same time, I expose myself to literally thousands of people. I really do not understand why I do this” . Reassure yourself, I do not think it displeases big world eh …

Kate Winslet
In the middle of this list, Kate Winslet is certainly the one who has most often escaped to the movies, without really knowing whether she liked it or not. In fact, she changed her mind after the interview. Regarding the most famous of his scenes in the nude, the one where it is offered to DiCaprio pencil stroke in “Titanic” , she revealed she was surprised: “I did not show as much my body, but I was young and I had things to prove ” . Clearly, she had things to prove throughout her career considering her large number of scenes in oilp ‘. And as the story is good, thanks to one of his films without too much tissue ( “The Reader”) she got her Oscar for Best Actress in 2008 .

Emilia Clarke
By signing up for “Game of Thrones” , let alone an HBO production, actors and actresses are often a cross on the notion of pudité. This was the case of Emilia Clarke aka Daenerys Targaryen, who appeared naked several times in the first seasons of GoT, until she says stop from Season 4 . The girl has its reasons: “Most of the sex scenes in movies and on TV are free, and they are usually there just to attract an audience the screen, the more subtle it is, the better.” . In other words, the clause “no nudity” was simply motivated by artistic reasons. And Emilia Clarke has proven to us much later, again by posing naked in the famous final scene of season 6 episode 4: “It’s not a sexy scene, she is not bare Without reason, it is not free, it is naked because it has just destroyed its enemies who had underestimated it. ” By cons, we must now her a little push to get this kind of scene: “All I need is vodka and a favorable light” .

Anna McGahan
Not the best known of this list, but undoubtedly the most critical to the industry. Anna McGahan keeps a terrible memories of his time in the Australian series “Underbelly” . The pretty redhead landed in season 4 to interpret Nellie Cameron, a famous prostitute 20s, nicknamed “The Kiss of Death Girl , who notably soaked in coke traffic. And who did not care a bit too naked to taste Anne McGahan, who in an interview gave advice nuanced girls who dream of becoming actresses : “they must be prepared to show their breasts” the 22 year old at the time. the actress claims to have been manipulated: “I was naive. And in my naivety, I could not protect myself facing an industry that does not care about the consequences, but only the way my body is instrumentalized to the public ” .

Helen Mirren
Like Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren is the kind of veteran actresses we call madame in the trade. She still nabbed an Oscar in 2006 for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in “The Queen” huh. A form of respectability that was far, but very far from following her early in her career. With his blond mane and advantageous chest, Helen Mirren was mainly used to the role of bimbo who undresses before giving his first name . Paradoxically, the British actress admitted that this kind of scene had always frightened her and that she had accepted only because of her youth and because she wanted to be noticed. With great self-deprecating, she acknowledged today that his age has an advantage: “We did wonder more than get naked or anything else related to it” .