These guys who almost became James Bond, the most classy spy of the game

Cinema 18 January, 2017

My name is almost James. Almost James Bond.
$ 150 million on two films. It is expected that the proposal Daniel Craig for him to stop playing the pouting and resume his costume for the next 2 007 missions. Sony is ready to put the package to keep the English actor who was able to give a boost to the franchise, while a bunch of other actors are already in the starting blocks to replace (Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba , Damian Lewis, Michael Fassbender …). Names that could eventually join the long list of guys who have almost become the most classy spy in the galaxy.
Liam Neeson
In the 90s, Liam Neeson was heavily tipped to take over from Timothy Dalton in “GoldenEye” . But at the time, he refused because he did “not make action movie” . Yes, yes, we talk about the guy who today returns entire cities to find his daughter. In fact, another reason was enough to convince him as he showed last year during the promo of “Non Stop” : “It was there 18 or 19 years, and one that would be my wife the time told me “if you do James Bond, we did not get married!”. I then had to think about it, because I really wanted to marry him … ” . Oh, love…
Hugh Jackman
In the vast list of actors who could grill Daniel Craig at “Casino Royale” , Hugh Jackman was high. The Australian has nevertheless felt the trap closing in on him : “It would have put me in a box My natural instinct is to never close my doors.” . Good for the blow, was becoming Wolverine it was not another form of box?
Gerard Butler
Same argument for Gerard Butler, polled at the same time for the same role. In a recent interview for ShortList, the Spartan confided his fears : “I like to have a variety of roles If I had played Bond, all that would be arrested (…) People think that’s extraordinary. to become 007, but as an actor I have to say, “OK, if I accept this role, what happens next?” .
Clint Eastwood
Dirty Harry could have played the spy of his Majesty when he was offered the role in 1970. But mindful of traditions, the cowboy Republican held that only a Brit could be 007 . Otherwise it’s the door open to all windows eh.
Clive Owen
Clive Owen had his suit bespoke cut 007 who was waiting for “Casino Royale” . At the time, the guy was so serene that when asked if he would be the next Sean Connery, we played the Zlatan: “No, I will be the next Clive Owen” . But everything is going to collapse because of a big money story. The actor of “Shoot Em Up” would have claimed a percentage of bénéfs film that has cooled production . The guy went all in, he got ejected from the table …
Mel Gibson
The actor of “Lethal Weapon” became repress twice. Already in 1987, for “The Living Daylights” because the producer of the franchise, Albert R. Broccoli, do not want a non-Columbia (Mel Gibson grew up in Australia but is American). Bi repetita in 1995 for “GoldenEye” . This time, the director Martin Campbell deemed “too small” (1m77) to embody 007, but also notorious : “I do not want a Mel Gibson movie, I want a James Bond movie.”
Julian McMahon
The hunk of “Nip / Tuck” and “Charmed” has also passed the casting of “Casino Royale” and would have impressed with Martin Campbell who did not expect as. The name of the Australian was in top list, but after many internal discussions, it is ultimately the devil Daniel Craig who won the bet .
Ewan McGregor
One of the many actors who was polled to resume the Bond suit after Pierce Brosnan. But again, Ewan McGregor refused the proposal for fear of being locked into one type of role . A position that has since evolved, as evidenced by his recent statements to the Hollywood Reporter: . “I think it would be cool to play James Bond At this stage of my career, being confined to a role is not really a problem more. earlier, when you first start, you do not want your prospects are reduced. But I think people know I sui open to all in my work, so I do not really worry about it ” .
Sam Worthington
In addition to protecting Pandora in “Avatar” , Sam Worthington failed after the interests of the British Crown in “Casino Royale” . It is even one of the few to take the stage in a tuxedo cast coughed coughed . In vain.
Henry Cavill
In this famous cast for “Casino Royale” – which seems to have rounded up half the players in the globe – Henry Cavill is clearly the one that most impressed. To the point of becoming the No. 1 choice of director Martin Campbell. But producers are going to end the flamewar judging too young player (22 years old at the time) for the role . He will console himself a few months later by taking the costume from Superman. And today we still talk about him insistently to replace Daniel Craig, in case of a possible departure. Wait and see …