These hardcore scenes from the comic “The Walking Dead” that have not gone on TV

Yes, yes, it’s possible to do even more violent than the series …
Faced with the erosion of audience of the 7th season in progress, it appears that the showrunners of “The Walking Dead” want to integrate less violence, to attract an even wider audience. A trick to enrage fans, who already undergo a light filter between the TV version and the comic version of Robert Kirkman , real hate, puteries and gore moments. Following the example of these hardcore scenes.
The Governor who galoche his zombie girl
Compared to comics, the Governor of the TV series is one of those hairy Bisounours who collects donations in the street for UNICEF or another assoc ‘in the genre. His violence and insanity have no equal in Robert Kirkman’s comic book. This is an excruciating scene where he tears his zombie girl’s teeth one by one with a forceps, then kisses her on the mouth (or what remains of it) . Unsurprisingly, the guy gathers in the stride, before returning cheerfully because he convinces himself that he must get used to the taste of the putrefied flesh of his girl. “I tried to imagine what the Governor could do worse” , justified the creator of the comic. Well played guy.
Dale who gets eaten by “Les Chasseurs”
Given their cannibalistic practices that could offend a certain audience, “The Hunters” ( “The Hunters” ) have not had such a prominent place it in the series, where Rick and his friends escape quite easily Their claws within the Terminus. While in the comics, these lovers of fresh flesh have had time to do damage. And it is not poor Dale who will contradict us. Bitten by a zombie, the old one was then knocked out by the Hunters . When he awoke, he was able to assist helplessly at a disgusting spectacle: the Hunters were eating him alive, spitting from time to time some pieces of his body already contaminated by his transformation into a zombie. Have a good meal, of course !
Rick took revenge by torturing “The Hunters”
Maybe in the series, friend Rick would have done manners and procrastinate. In the comics, the sheriff tilts more easily on the dark side. In retaliation for the feast of “The Hunters” of Dale’s carcass, Rick – helped by Andrea, Michonne and Abraham – took the group of cannibals to torture them well . A slow and painful death, with option mutilations and threats to be in their turn puffed like Dale. The leader sometimes knows how to be as cruel as the Governor or Negan, and it is a facet that the showrunners have not (yet) wanted to give to the character of the series.
The decapitation of the daughters of Hershel
A storyline missing from the show. When the group is found in the prison, 4 survivors come to seek refuge. 4 former thugs, among them Thomas Richards, who is careful not to confess to the others that he has killed his wife. He makes them believe he has made zonz ‘because of a mess with taxes. In short, the guy plays model roommates and everyone starts to appreciate it. While his murderous impulses were simply dormant … He took advantage of a moment of inattention of the rest of the group to cut the throats of the daughters of Hershel, Rachel and Susie . The band, led by Lori, has a time when Dexter, another ex-fighter, much less integrated than Thomas, is accused before Rick’s grilling to try to hack Andrea. Imprisoned,
Rick getting his hand cut
We come back to this dear Governor, who has committed a number of pueries. One of which was to cut Rick’s right hand early in the comedy. As in the series, Woodburry’s chief was initially rather engaging with his guests (Rick, Michonne and Glenn), before farthing a cable when he learned of the existence of the prison. And so it was Rick’s right hand who paid the broken pots (first) #JaimeLannisterAimeCa . It is still funny to note that such an important passage of the comics, which forced Rick to learn to pull with the left hand, was completely evaded from the show.
The Governor Who Tortures Michonne
After taking care of Rick, the Governor went on to speed with Michonne. Attached to a wall, legs spread, the warrior in the katana was hit and repeatedly raped by her jailer , who made him understand: “It will continue every day I would like, until What you find a way to kill you ” . Beaten and humiliated, Michonne eventually let go of a few tears. But not because she was suffering. Nan, nan, you do not know the girl: “I just think of all the things that I will do to you once released, I have tears in my eyes so it scares me” . The Governor would have done better to take the threat seriously …
The Revenge of Michonne
Seeing that torture has little control over Michonne, who refuses to indicate where the prison is, the Governor is trying a new strategy. He asks one of his henchmen to release the guests, who in confidence with their “savior” , will bring him right back to the prison. But the plan full fair. Michonne escapes long before and goes to pay a visit to the Governor in her room. There, she assomes it with her katana. The guy wakes up naked, balls nailed to a wooden board on which he is kneeling . Totally sadistic, Michonne will then review the tools at her disposal to torture her. These include cutting pliers, a soldering lamp, a hammer, an electric drill and a spoon. It’s’ Elsewhere with this same spoon that she will tear out the left eye, after mutilated, emasculated, sodomized. A real butchery, to which he will survive all the same. The guy’s upvable.
Carol becomes barge and commits suicide in the arms of a zombie
Of all the characters in the series (apart from the special case of Daryl), Carol is surely the one that comes closest to the comics version. She remains a fragile and emotional mother, who needs others to survive (a bit like in the first seasons what). When Tyrese dropped her for Michonne (yes, they were together), she began to twist and look for the affection at any cost, even if she invited herself to the Rick / Lori couple, kissing the first one, and By making advances to the second . But repressed by the two lovebirds, Carol did not find better than to seek comfort from a … zombie who was tied out. Unsurprisingly, the hungry woman threw herself on the chinstrap of the young lady, who did not ask so much:
Without pressure, Carl struggles another child
Whether in the series or the comics, Carl gains little by little in confidence, and does not hesitate to kill in cold blood. He started by Shane (in the series, he stumbles once zombie, while Shane is still alive when he shoots him in the comics), before attacking Ben. Ben is one of the kids who lived within the prison, and who over time, turned out to be a potential psychopathic killer. He bolted the other children (including Carl) and occasionally enjoyed torturing cats. #Flippant . And what had to happen happened: he went to the act by killing Billy, another child. Proof that he was really not clear, he assured the others: “Do not worry, he will come back to life. I have not touched his brain . ” And while the group was discussing the fate to be reserved for this somewhat whimsical kid, Carl went to the van where Ben was imprisoned, to shoot him in the head . The armed arm of justice.
The death of Lori and Judith
If Lori died giving birth to Judith in the series, the comic book did not make jealous by granting the same destiny to the mother and the daughter. The drama took place when the Governor and his army stormed the prison, just after beheading their hostage Tyrese (Hershel in the series). The Governor gave orders to kill everyone without exception. Fleeing with Rick and Carl, Lori – who held Judith in her arms – could not keep up with the pace and took a bastos in the back that pierced her and her baby . Witness of the scene, Rick resolves to escape to save his son …

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