These heroes of TV series that could get married at a glance

Cinema 24 November, 2016

And if we applied the same mechanics that the show “Married at first sight” to the heroes of TV series, what would mouths the announcement?

vikings-khal-drogo-game-of-thronesAfter “Love is in the field” and his team of premature ejaculation, Blowin M6 is now advocating early marriage through its new show “Married at first sight” . The concept: 3 (s) experts believe the rate of accounts between two strangers. If it exceeds 70%, then they are invited to get married without even having met only once . The idea is whether divorce will there be at the end of the show. In absolute terms, nothing innovative, our grandparents already did that as. Still, the concept is a hit in view of the crazy hearings conducted by the show . And if our experts played matchmaker for others, the kind heroes of TV series, what it might look like?