These insolent bastards that you have to love

Cinema 6 April, 2017

They may behave like bastards and be unbearable, their sarcastic and disrespectful side pleases us.
We all know a guy like that. Maybe even a buddy, and we love it. You know that he abuses, that it causes a little, that he seeks shit just for pleasure but you can not blame him: you like it. This guy has you beating bars and for nothing in the world you would do without. Like those movie characters.
Melvin (“For the worst and for the best”)
Homophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, he puts as many people as possible. It’s his dada! His neighbor gay, the renoi passes, the dog: each interaction presents a possibility to open his mouth and fuck the brothel. To show offense, with a smile on his lips.
Otto (“A fish named Wanda”)
Under his appearance as a stupid fool he is not so much. You realize it when he jokes and provokes, for the pleasure, knowing fully the effect that it has on the others.
Hans Gruber (“Die Hard”)
A killer, a kidnapper, a heartless man. Without faith or law. But a thief of genius. And especially, an elegant style, a special diction, a humor as discreet as corrosive. In a word: unique.
Sean Dignam (“The Infiltrators”)
Agent (sergeant) zealous and selfish, he can bump someone without remorse. Sacrificing people, lying: it does not matter. It only targets the success of the mission. A bastard, yes; But a guy you must have on his side. And when it cracks, it is huge. Distribution of breads at random!
The dude (“The Big Lebowski”)
Imagine you have a guy like that before you … In a bathrobe, nonchalant, with a small smile on his lips, who takes nothing seriously, joking: there’s enough to want to put one to calm him down. And at the same time, it makes us laugh so much, it is so huge!
Deadpool (film of the same name)
Another perfect example of the little cunt! Sarcastic, provocative, unlimited: Deadpool never stops. When it is upon you that it pushes vice, you hate it. Otherwise, you love it and ask for more. It’s always the same with this type of guy! Do you have one like that in your party?