These kids of cartoons to whom you would give the good God without confession are merciless killers

Cinema 11 January, 2017

Despite their seeming innocent little girls at first, they can smash you as fast as they do. This is also the beauty of cartoons.

Mariko Kurama in “Elfen Lied”
With her little blouse and the knot in her hair, you take her for a little harmless. And you should not. Giving little or no interest to human life, it can degrade anyone like that. She also spent her entire life locked in a high security area , monitored by a manager who placed explosives in his body to make him jump to members when she disobeys. That does not stop him. Even if she walks around in a wheelchair, she needs to kill to live.
Krul Tepes in “Seraph of the end”
We must not rely on appearances, it is confirmed. While it appears ten, it actually counts 200,000 years. Queen of Japan in her world, Krul gets warm in no time for any fight, including with bare hands. Know that if she touches you, she’ll tear a limb, so it hits hard, fast and accurately . Hint to know when it gets under pressure: red eyes.
Hibana Daida in “Deadman Wonderland”
The click came to the school. A heavy bastard made her a joke, joking too much, and she decided to torture him. Clearly, Hibana twitched. Yet, she thinks of rendering justice, in her way certainly but seriously. If the dress does not specifically betrays his folly, it suffices to note the sword she carries 4m for him knock those short on beans . A two-in-one weapon that decomposes into several pieces and can lie down to strike a distant enemy.
Like the genius of Aladin but less friendly. She can realize all kinds of vows and does not deprive herself. You, naive, you kiffes without knowing that she will ask you better in exchange. And there you know you can not. Her too. And hop, Alluka has his excuse all found to kill you and your family . It would then pass under the control of Nanika Zoldyck, his second personality.
Sengoku Nadeko in “Monogatari Series”
The plan to avoid. Jolie, nice, discreet, you think to make the coup of the century by choping it. Basically, yes. Except that the small is under a curse when she falls in love, she goes insane . Sengoku sees his eyes go red, severe picole and uses rather warlike serpents to attack those who are on his way.
Another one with the childish style that would surprise you. Small top, skirt, boots rising … and powerful gun or tap with razor tips grafted to shear his opponents. This combined with a peerless flexibility and a certain mastery of the martial arts . Besides, Mumei is never afraid so if you’re in your sight, you’re in the shit. The only way to know is if she is wearing a ribbon around her neck. If so, the Kabane virus is contained. If she is kidnapped, she becomes a merciless warrior.
Illyasviel von Einzbern in “Fate / Stay night: unlimited blade works”
“Issue of the German aristocracy, she joined Japan to participate in the 5th Holy Grail War. So she has the temperament and not leaking the fight, obviously. A father-daughter the trauma work hard following the adoption of a big brother named Shiro, since Illyasviel afraid of being abandoned . So she wants everyone to be at his orders. and if we insist, it sends the giant second, Berserker. You understand the interest in Never underestimate people now?