THESE Las Vegas, a French start-up introduces its application against tinnitus

Health 10 January, 2018


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The THESE is the passage of the start-up in particular in the field of health. The project Pitch beyond his ambition arrives on a field of ruin of the traditional medicine with the tinnitus.

Formerly, it was called the “ringing” of the ears. Today, the trendy term is” tinnitus “. Better suited to the generation of deaf players, nightclubs stun and mega concerts promise to us.
There is not so long that the noise the more powerful that could be encountered occasionally was a plane taking off. This record is now largely beaten by a number of groups during mega concerts, but also nightclubs, poorly controlled, or even many a night of techno. With bonus, at the outlet, a hissing sound unpleasant, but luckily only lasts a few hours. If he still persists, it is an emergency that requires the intervention of a specialist. Beyond a week, one is faced with a tinnitus.

A market of 3 million French. A lot more through the world.

Buzzing, ringing, hissing or chuintements, blighting the lives of more than 3million of French, of which 600,000 are these tinnitus, aggressive and unbearable. Numbers constantly increase because the noise level higher and higher in our society, generates 200 000 new cases each year. Most of this pain could be avoided, by simply putting in the custody of the child. For example against the players : since 1996, the law imposes a limit of 100 decibels. An already insufficient. A restaurant, a school or a road junction very busy represent 95 decibels. No one would remain there whole hours. However, it is not uncommon to see teenagers use it, for hours, their players that they débrident to 120 decibels and more, that is to say, any close to the pain threshold, therefore, of destruction, because the ear is a organ that knows how to resist worsening without causing suffering.

Respect his ears

It is necessary to repeat these simple tips : over an hour of listening to a walkman unlocked per day, exceeding the threshold limit. In a nightclub, it is necessary to take out air out of the ears every 30 minutes. If it becomes impossible to understand what he said at 1 meter, it is that the level exceeds 105 decibels ; A sign of alarm important : it is necessary, therefore, to move away, put a discreet protection – sold in any pharmacy – or, worse, a piece of cotton. It is better to be nerdy than traumatized. Tinnitus is fast unbearable ; Because we “cannot” hear not : impossible, to the difference of the eyes, close his ears. The one who suffers, does not feel the origin of the noise, and cannot accept it : the clicking of the pen of the neighbor, in a meeting, does ever one who generates it. Finally, the tolerance goes down over time : it supports less and less noise ?of a drill . Little is known of the origin of this symptom for which the mechanisms are unknown. most of the time, in spite of the additional tests are many, we cannot find anything.

No drugs ; techniques… and an application

To relieve these patients who are often out of stock, the bad habit of most doctors is to propose, according to the principle of noise that can eventually no longer hear out of habit, as the traffic outside of an apartment, to endure discomfort, yet set most of the time to be unbearable. There was an antiepileptic drug, which didn’t go too badly. The specialists of tinnitus are furious because, for the past few weeks, this product is reserved for neurologists who can’t prescribe it for epilepsy, and on a prescription secure, such as for morphine. The precautionary principle and the drift requirements requires… The use of the psychiatrist, falsely perceived, is often unnecessary. Is a method which may seem a little barbarian : combat the noise by the noise: music in the evening on falling asleep or, more modern solution, the “masker” of tinnitus. It is a prosthesis that is put in the ear that produces a sound more pleasant to the ear as tinnitus. A form of method Coué… No solution is totally effective, but the possibilities of relief in sufficient number to not to resign. This is what led to the project pitch which provides assessment, therapeutic solutions-and especially in the monitoring of the progression of the results.

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