These moments when hip-hop is in the spotlight in “The Simpsons”

Cinema 4 January, 2017

Whether by raping his own characters or real MCs, the Simpsons have consistently highlighted hip-hop. Respect.
Bart: “Do the Bartman”
As the show begins (which everyone has known) under the eyes of his parents, Bart definitely wants them to see it. The rest is magic.
Poochie: in “The Itchy and Scratchy Show”
Briefly but with talent, the anarchic surfer turns into a rapper (interval: 30-40 seconds, to be precise).
The Rabbis rappers
Very short but clearly a reference to the old school tube of MC Hammer, “Can not touch this”.
Bart: the battle in the episode “Pranksta Rap”
During a school visit in a prison, Bart attends a rap concert, in this case a certain “Alcatraaaz” that closely resembles Ludacris. The microphone falls, Bart rises and regale.
Ludacris: in invented character then kind caméo
While Homer is being treated at the dentist, Lisa watches an advertisement encouraging children to take care of their teeth. In which appears a man / tube of toothpaste called “Ludicrest”. Again, he looks very much like Ludacris. This is confirmed immediately after, when the rapper actually appears.
Bart tells her about “Started from the bottom” by Drake
Glasses, jewelry, gait: it has all the good modern bling-bling rapper. With the sound of Drake in the background, good delirium. From episode 14 of season 27.
Bart sings “Deep deep trouble” in a cell
Sad, isolated, he recounts his misadventures and the ill-treatment received, notably by Homer. A classic rap.
Pharrell Williams arrives to make the sound of the city
Springfield searches for a new hymn and Lisa proposes the star … Pharrell! With his little hat and everything, he recycles us in scred ‘his “Cause I’m Happy …”. From the 13th episode of the 26th season. Reminder: Pharrell is just one of the best producers of the 90s, in a duo called “The Neptunes”. Since, yes, it is much less hip-hop indeed.
Cypress Hill at a festival
A bit on the rack, the rappers realize that they ordered the London Symphony Orchestra. To play “Insane in the brain”. Test approved by Margin. What moment has you most kissed?