These movies that make you gerber, literally

Cinema 31 March, 2017

Not that it was a daube and you got pissed off. On the contrary, you were thorough. But stressed, disgusted, shocked. With at times the desire to unbolt.
The kind of films for which you have to be motivated. Psychologically, you need to know what you’re doing, or you’re hallucinating. In any case, there are passages in which you do not make the evil one, where you repress a little squeal of embarrassment, disgust. Or you laugh, unconscious reflex to hide your discomfort. And if these films really make you want to vomit, it is because they are successful. Quality. Because that was the goal.
Saw 1 (yes, there are sequels too, if you’re hot)
Right from the start, you know it’s going to be a pain. Two guys are attached to the pipes in a bathroom, it stinks. Afterwards, you discover that they are placed there by a serial killer, named the puzzle killer. The vicelard pushes his victims to kill each other, or to bump into trying to escape from his traps . There, clearly, Lawrence hears on his tape that he must kill the other, Adam. It lasts a long time, mingled with flashbacks of previous victims (burnt alive, cut, disembowelled, etc.) and the family of Lawrence kidnapped … It is disgusting physically and psychologically.
——- 1 ——–
It happened close to you
You make the big difference between the scenes where you want to laugh and the others, where you swallow hard. For Ben does not only talk with enthusiasm and elegance (of everything else, from life to architecture), he also kills. He manipulates people, their lying, stumbling, without blinking . And it turns out a bit necrophilic at a time, anyway … Beside that, the game of little Gregory, it’s good kid. Even the skulls explode. Everything goes, compared to that. Apparently less shocking than the others on the list, at least visually, this film still remains hated by some for what it says and lets understand. A film that makes talk anyway.
——- 2 ——–
Hostel (the same, there are suites)
The holidays between friends who turn bad, damn bad. And it’s not even their fault! Josh and Paxton cross Europe and kiss as much as possible, just like the Finn Oli that our two Ricans meet. The three spin in the Netherlands, then in Slovakia, on the advice of a guy promising them that girls are pretty and not fierce. And bim, the trap! Kidnapping, torture, and tutti quanti . Blood, close-ups, macabre games, stress scenes. Even at the cinema, with 200 people, you are not serene.
——- 3 ——–
Cannibal Holocaust
The basic pitch seems normal. Four American reporters have faded into the jungle, and not just any, the Amazon rainforest. A rescue team is sent to find and rescue them. And there … Already, the report was about cannibalistic tribes, then the potential muddle is there . Harold Monroe and his two guides are seen to have an Indian translator who mediates with the natives. Except that this one, Yacumo, violates and kills his wife, guilty of adultery. And the other part of the film, these are the adventures of the group of the disappeared, who are actually dead. When Monroe discovers the reels and dies the images … Tortoise cut, leg cut off from a guy, murder of a woman giving birth, emasculation of a corpse, cannibalism … You see all the horrors possible and imaginable.
——- 4 ——-
Serbian film
The intermittent status in Serbia, fucking, is another thing … Milos, former star of the X, galley to make ends meet. He and his family are unhappy, in addition to being looked at wrong. Then one day, a former colleague introduces Vukmir, a very special filmmaker … For the thunes, Milos darkens. But in a pile of disgusting stuff . In three words: rape, necrophilia, pedophilia. That’s enough to understand what is waiting for you. And what awaits Milos, especially. Obviously, the film is banned in many countries.
——- 5 ——-
The Human Centipede (there are sequences, if possible)
A nugget (of its kind) that comes to us from the Netherlands. Script and production of Tom Six. Afterwards, it remains to be seen whether we should thank him or not … As in “Hostel”, we are swinging two American tourists who come to Europe and fall on a bone. The bone is Dr. Joseh Heiter, a former German surgeon, who plans to develop a human centipede . Yesiiii, nooooormal. The two girls, Lindsay and Jenny, break a tire, seek help and ring home. Bad pick. They will form a set with Katsuro, all three connected, mouth to anus. And the tart plays with them. 92 minutes of dirty tricks, which have never been visible on the big screen at home, for lack of visa exploitation. What is the worst of the lot?