These movies that make you want to be a kiff in the mountains, there right away

The mountain, that you win.
For many, February rhymes with winter holidays, with two schools quite distinct: those who leave on the other side of the world history to warm their heart and breastplate. And on the contrary, those who take advantage of the cold weather to swoop up the mountain . Two balèzes budgets for two different delusions. Personally, even if I’m far from outlandish the “blond” Gad Elmaleh, right now I’d rather be a follower of the second option. In fact, it would just be enough that I come across the films below to decide to test powder powder tomorrow.
Bronzes make skiing
Certainly the most cult of French comedies. Gags and replicas that fly every time, contrary to Jean-Claude Dusse’s attempts to dredge . We only want to recreate the atmosphere of the Splendid with his friends in a cottage. “When will I see you again, wonderful country ?!”
The First Star
A great bowl of fresh air. The first film by Lucien Jean-Baptiste as a director is a feel good movie in which a family of 9-4 Blacks goes off to ski for the first time . The thermal and social shock is tasty.
Rasta Rocket
We remain squarely in the same delirium as “La Première Etoile” with this cult comedy of 1993 where a team of Jamaican bobsleigh presents for the first time at the Winter Olympics. And unlike Sanka, we’re all dead … laughing every time the film goes back to TV (ie about every 6 months). “The whole planet asks what it’s all about, four Jamaican bobsleighs on the summits, one has the big Derice and the small junior, Yul, Sanka, they are the fastest of all the big sprinters, at the Olympic Games, will conquer Jamaica . ”
The Machine to Dismantle Time
A band of friends chill quietly in a jacuzzi when suddenly they find themselves balanced in the 80s in the middle of a ski resort. There, a second youth is offered to them. OK, it’s not the idea of ​​the century. But the retro side and the pretty cast (John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke …) make it a rather nice comedy .
Snow, Sex and Sun
Do not touch my track. It’s a bit like Rick, Luke, Anthony and Pigpen, 4 childhood friends who do not want their favorite snowboard spot to be bombarded by an unscrupulous property developer . Extreme riders will do their best to make the project go down. Nicolas Hulot likes it. The fans of mountains and valleys too, since Victoria Silvstedt has a p’tit role in this nanar downright forgettable.
Snow sex and sun
His best role with that of “The Wheel of Fortune”
James Bond
It’s well known, James Bond has all the talents. So when you think he’s in the middle of the mountain, pursued by a death squad, just say that this is how the British spy gets his holiday . The mountain scenes of the franchise have become a must of the genre.

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