These scenes of movies with snipers are engraved in the rock

Cinema 21 March, 2017

Some films have marked us with their extraordinary scene with a sniper. The tension, the pressure, the precision, the emotions that follow … Souvenirs souvenirs.
Phone Game
An uncomfortable position. Already, because you’re in a phone booth. Then, because you stay there for a long time. Long time. Too long. Finally, because a sniper keeps you in check and forces you to do whatever he wants. And if you decry, it makes you understand that it stops the game when it wants … And if a third comes to put its grain of salt, like the mackerel that manages the whores of the street and wants to use the cabin, to shoot on. Point bar.
The first training of a soldier is to learn to act and react without wasting time, without blocking, without thinking about the consequences. You have to know how to detach yourself, at least temporarily. There, the two soldiers are posed, ready, their target spotted. And a boss just cancels the kill at the last moment. Then the soldier concerned, Troy, fired a cable . You feel the frustration of the packed guy, who had prepared for it, who no longer understands what is being asked of him.
The Bourne Ultimatum
A journalist (du Guardian) gathers information about Jason Bourne and the CIA. Simon Ross and Bourne meet in Waterloo Station, where the goal is to surround them and let their sniper do his job. Bourne ordered the guy not to move, sniffing at the confusion, but the other finally panicked , left his hideout and tried a sprint in the crowd. And boom, the sniper does not miss it. In the middle of the crowd, balek.
Then, on a pause, thinking that he was calm, the demining team was caught in a trap. Well, kind in the middle of nowhere, homeless, uncovered. One of their interlocutors is being plumbed, it is panic . Sergeant James points out where the shooter is, Sanborn borrows a weapon, moves into position and reaches the target. BG. And the team is saved. Yeah, the war in Iraq, it can not be a game of fun.
We have to save the soldier Ryan
The guys pass through a ruined city of Normandy, when a family calls them. Finally, the father, rather. He asks them to save his daughter, to protect her, to take care of her. The soldier played by Vin Diesel, Adrian Caparzo, cracks, against the orders of Captain Miller who confuses him, then takes a few steps without hiding . The moment the sniper chooses hidden in the tower of the church to plumb it in full chest. The others hide, the soldier Jackson tries to spot the bastard, and Caparzo empties his blood before the eyes of his company.
American Sniper
Besides the emotion, the installation, the tension, there is also the shooting in itself. Here is almost two kilometers away between the sniper (Bradley Cooper) and the target . This seems impossible, including to his partner. We must take into account the wind, the rotation of the Earth … Despite all this, Chris Kyle reaches “the butcher” in the head. Hop, the tarpaulin blushed with blood, mission accomplished.
The only two survivors, the soldier Vasili Zaitsev and the officer Danilov, clench their buttocks a little. The Germans are there, they have no right to make mistakes. Touching German soldiers is one thing, not being spotted is another. Then to kill two birds with one stone, Vassili shoots his fire when an explosion sounds . His position then remains secret. And he goes on, eliminating the opponents one by one. These exploits enervate the German General Staff, which will send its best sniper in the person of Major König, in order to calm Vassili. And there we have a face to face crazy. Remember what?