These series of characters say what they think and balek

Cinema 13 December, 2016

Consciously or not, they do not put filters in place and swinging live. What shocks the other characters and makes us laugh.

Generally, it causes an immediate reaction. The discomfort, anger, escape … including in real life, like when Hayao Miyazaki smashes AI CG animation technology before the President of Dwango, Nobuo Kawakami, who finds himself sheepishly. Their delirium was to create robots that can mimic a human, in this case her how to draw. And legend Miyazaki gave his feeling quietly flamethrower. Excerpts: “I am totally disgusted” and “it is an insult to life itself.” Boum, #nofilter. Since these series of characters .
Sheldon Cooper in “The Big Bang Theory”
You can not even accuse him of doing it on purpose to get you, cause you. In fact, it is completely above it. He does not even include delirium can be upsetting. For him, all truth is good to speak clearly . For you to digest after, that’s your problem. If you are stupid if you stink, if you make the wrong choice and another Sheldon tells you.
Incarnate clumsiness, stupidity verging at times. Unlike Sheldon, can be attributed to his inability to censor the failing connections between neurons. And if you’re nice, we attribute this to his childish side . This leads Phoebe to offend his friends regularly without realizing it and swinging punchlines like: “If we were in prison, you would be my whores .”
One season was enough to make an outsider. Performed in the first season by Matthew McConaughay, the inspector made his taf and the point bar. The rest does not interest him. Integrate into the job, getting along with his partner, find a girl … He never rounded corners and spits the truth hurts stride . Voluntarily, for once. It just annoys you and your little feelings. Life is a fight, should not be fragile.
If we had to choose one word to describe it would be impulsive. This is a blood James! Finally, it was … Well yeah, to force it open and wanting to be right, stir the shit, whatever the cost, the inspector ended up falling on the Bay Harbor Butcher . That is to say, his colleague Dexter Morgan, who was kidnapped and then stumbled. When looking crap, we must never forget that it is wrong to pin if there’s a beefy face.
He also knew what he was doing. It is a bastard that can absolutely hate. Cynical, cold, cruel, haughty, the doctor does not help really to put a good atmosphere in the hospital Plainsboro Princetown. At the same time, when you’re in a bit of misanthropy, it indicates a clear lack of willingness to create social bonds . If he kills you miss a note to complete your shitty day, will be seen in thirty seconds and you’re served. Including physical. No limit.
It belies all adages. “Only the truth hurts” or “The truth comes from the mouths of children” yes, okay, but the lies and manipulations of Cartman too. Machiavellian, the kid will stop at nothing to get his way . Morality, respect the old, the teachers, the politically correct taboos not to discuss in public, damn. Whether to be rude and offensive, no problem for Cartman. An evil genius. Which you prefer?