These series that have been released along the way!

Cinema 24 June, 2017

These series have started very well … Then we dropped the case. Too long, too flat, we quickly get tired!
We all knew this: A new series starts, we hang on it at all costs but there is nothing to do. The charm is broken. They often start very well until our nerves drop. Here are the series we all enjoyed watching before they come out through the eyes !
New Girl
Jessica, a totally off-beat young woman who arrives in a colocation of guys after being badly dropped. The scenario could only please us! We loved the first seasons, we laughed in front of our screens at each episode … Then it became less good, more when Nick and Jess joined in season 3 . Pity !
Pretty Little Liars
You too loved the beginnings of PLL? I think we all agree today, but what is their problem? Everything had begun well, we were even downright addicted, in search of this famous A. Except that impatience weighed us in the long run and we dropped the case!
The basic idea was good! Humans with a brain with exceptional abilities , able to acquire new powers by training … But it quickly beat us, in fact!
The Vampire Diaries
What is good with vampires is that they are immortal, what is annoying with vampires is that they are immortal! By dint of always always seeing the same thing, we preferred to stop there. And then what’s the point of continuing without Nina Dobrev?
The 100
One of the series that was released in the first season. The population on Earth completely decimated after a nuclear holocaust but valiant humans managed to survive in their space station … In short. Boring a bit … But obviously, the last season is cool, so it may be worth the hook to the final !
Once Upon a Time
The first 3 seasons were good, the story and its characters were on the road … But after it’s totally gone peanut and you loosely abandoned!
This series has undergone a descent to hell … It should have stopped a long time ago . 9 seasons that could have been done in 4 to avoid repetition. Total boredom!
Prison Break
“I do not have time, my mind slips away. No choice, just go !” Thank you Faf Larage for this BO that we will never forget, but more seriously: Prison Break , it was really top, season 1 will remain in the annals. But it is the only one!
The Scott brothers !
This series was fire! Until Peyton and Lucas barred without warning . Not cool guys! We deserved better than that, frankly …
Friends VS How I Met Your Mother: Same Fight!
We loved these series! Excellent, cults, they made us crazy! Rendered with impatience! No, but serious, Ted? Your children have had time to die of boredom sitting on their chairs from season 1 to season 9 ! Especially that we did everything to hold to the end (by zaping a lot of episodes) to finally find out who was the mother of your kids! All that for that … Friends and its 10 seasons had the same effect. Everyone’s tastes, eh! Which series would you add to the list?