These series that make us almost kiffer the politics

Cinema 7 May, 2017

Is politics bored? These series may change your mind once you’ve looked at them!
There is no need to say, politics in the American series, it is still much more sexy than what we saw on our screens in recent months during the presidential campaign. While we are all waiting for the verdict on this second round of the presidential election – and we wonder whether we will have to flee or not – we can not help but think that Everything would be better if we had a president like Josiah Bartlet (Martin Sheen) in The West Wing . Yes, the series have a little power to make everything more cool, including politics . In these difficult times, it is always good to remember that if we fail to understand politics in real life, we can find something to please us in the following series:
Designated Survivor
Designated Survivor is the novelty of ABC that came up with an innovative concept in the fall of 2016: and if we put someone who knows nothing at the head of the American government? Does this remind you of something ? Okay, Tom Kirkman (Keifer Sutherland) is far – far away – to look like the current US President and yet has knowledge of the matter. Having come to power because the entire American government died during the Capitol explosion, Kirkman is the idealist president that everyone needs in these uncertain times. Too bad we can not vote for him today!
Conspiracy theory when you hold us! Homeland is a bit like that in the background, a season equals a plot and Carrie is the only one to see it coming. Bringing with her a critical look at American society and politics, Homeland fascinates us with ever more mindfuck intrigues that leave us speechless . There’s so much going on, we’re just about to apply for the CIA at every episode to see if it’s really going like that!
House of Cards
Unlike Tom Kirkman in Designated Survivor , we have Frank Underwood of House of Cards . Then it is clear that he will not hesitate to bump anyone who will get between him and his desire to be President – is not it Zoe? If one truly hopes that the intrigues of the series are exaggerated – because otherwise , to help – it’s a real kiff to see what Frank and Claire Underwood are doing to get to power and keep it.
Who has never dreamed of having his own Olivia Pope to solve his everyday problems? The series of Shonda Rhimes immediately pleased us with her bad-ass heroine who leads the whole Washington – and especially the President of the United States – with the wand. Ah, surely politics and those who practice it are much more sexy in Scandal than in reality, and it is not Olivia who will contradict us! With new machinations and tricks at every episode, you never know what to expect from the series – and that’s almost like in reality.
If there is a series that does not go by four ways to make fun of the American policy, it is Veep . The American comedy directed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus draws a satirical portrait of politics and makes us burst out laughing at each episode . Not only is Selina Meyer incompetent and totally egocentric, but she has a mastery of insults that exceed our wildest dreams, which does not spoil anything. We then take a cunning pleasure to follow his blunders and failures while reveling in the floodgates she sends to everyone.