These series that tried to survive without their main hero

Cinema 8 June, 2017

A mission that often fails …
Knowing how to say farewell is not easy. David Pujadas and his Cup of Playmobil will experience this Thursday night on the occasion of their last JT. Attached to the universe of series, the task is so hard, that chains and unscrupulous producers try to continue the adventure despite the departure of the hero . While it would often have been better to unplug everything …
JD in “Scrubs”
Do not piss me on trying to make me believe it’s raining. Scrubs without Zach Braff, the soul and marrow of the series, is an insult to all the fans who have made Josephine their distributor of happiness for 8 seasons. Yet, ABC still tried a new formula starting in the 9th season, with a group of youngsters (including Dave Franco) . It seems Bill Lawrence, the creator, wanted to change the name of the series but that it ran into the refusal of the channel. Result of the races: a critical failure, despite some appearances of our national JD in this season without flavor, which served as an end clap.
Charlie Harper in “My Uncle Charlie”
“My fans may be watching TV for a minute, but in the end no one has anything to do with your bad show without me . It is little to say that Charlie Sheen had bad when he learned that he would be cleared of his series. At the same time, how could it be otherwise seen all that he swung on the face of the showrunner Chuck Lorre? Selected piece of his famous letter on TMZ: “I have moved my ass eight years to give life to your vision, your dream, in exchange you give me a nightmare, poor stupid idiot, dirty ass hole” . Fired by CBS because of his words, but his addiction problems, the Actor saw Ashton Kutcher take his place in the No. 1 sitcom in the US at the time. The first episode of Mila Kunis’s boyfriend has broken the record audience of the show, with 27.8 million viewers, before the audience tires but surely …
Eric Forman in “That ’70s Show”
A nugget alas well too little known on this side of the Atlantic. “That ’70s Show” is an unnamed killing, tinged with sarcasm and eph’ paws pants. With the clumsy and endearing Eric Forman at the center of the game. Finally, that was before her performer, Topher Grace, was barred to other heavens after 7 seasons. The scriptwriters pre-empted a departure to Africa to explain his departure and replaced it with an ersatz, Randy (Josh Meyers). An anguishing thing, especially that the guy got infatuated with Donna, the girl of Eric (who is still alive eh!). A season later, the show put the key under the door. A bad for a good.
Mike Flaherty in “Spin City”
The return to business of Marty Mc … uh Michael J. Fox in the late 90s through “Spin City” was a total success. As proof, the Emmy Award crowned his performance in the right arm of the Mayor of New York. But in 2000, patatras: the guy announces his departure from the satirical sitcom, because of his health problems (he is suffering from Parkinson’s disease). He himself called on Heather Locklear (“Melrose Place”) to make the transition in season 4, before Charlie Sheen (still him!) Replaces him numerically as Mayor’s advisor. The hearings are going to be a good time, despite less enthusiastic critics, who have always regretted the departure of Michael J. Fox.
Elena in “The Vampire Diaries”
Nina Dobrev was the cornerstone of “The Vampire Diaries” through her different identities (Elena Gilbert / Katherine Pierce / Amara) . The one that made beat the heart of the series and Damon and Stefan. One suspected that his departure at the end of the sixth season – due to the calls of the foot of the 7th art – was going to take a serious blow to the show she vampirisait. It did not miss. Despite the sex appeal of the vampire brothers, the impression of a lack has never left the fans over the past two seasons.
Lucas & Peyton in “The Scott Brothers”
While their relationship between friendship and love was the main interest of the “Scott Brothers” , Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) broke after the sixth season where they still took the time to give birth to their Girl, Sawyer . Subsequently, the two actors have always refuted the rumors that they would have said stop for a sorrel. Hilarie Burton explained in an interview: “It has been six fabulous years, which correspond to the duration of my contract, and I feel really lucky to have participated in this series. So when I hear that ‘There are negotiations based on money, it hurts my heart because it is not the case.’ Life at Tree Hill went on without them in seasons 7 and 8, to the great regret of the fans. The prod has tried a nod with the return of Lucas in the ultimate season, but this one is far from satisfying the public …
Paul Hennessy in “Touche pas à mes filles”
Before the delight of fans of “The Big Bang Theory” and its banker, Kaley Cuoco started in another sitcom, a tad less known: “Do not touch my daughters” . Alas for the pretty blonde and all the teams working on the show – broadcast on M6 at the time – a terrible drama happened during the shooting of season 2: comedian John Ritter, Patriarch of the Hennessy family, is death. After a period of pause, when the series stopped, it finally came back with a special episode featuring the death of the character, as well as the integration of two new members in the mif (grand- Father Jim and cousin CJ). A vain decision: due to lack of hearing,
Michael Scott in “The Office”
We were all happy for Michael, that looser of love, that he finally finds the big love with Holly. But it was not a reason for us to take it away at the end of Season 7 as well. His replacement, Robert California (James Spader) was far from level ( The following season). The serial-gaffer Michael Scott missed us badly, Dunder Mifflin was his work! And what does the cute image of his little family matter in the final episode of the series, “The Office” should have stopped with the departure of “Prison Mike” and make it much shorter (“That’s what she said ! “) .