These series that would have done better to stop at season 1, but really what

Cinema 10 May, 2017

Sometimes you have to die with dignity …
This is the big news of the week on the seriesvore side: the phenomenon “13 Reasons Why” was renewed for a season 2 by Netflix . If the news has surprised the accountants who have dollars in their eyes, most fans are already wondering how this second season will be articulated while all the interest of this adaptation of the eponymous novel of Jay Asher was found In Hannah Baker’s tapes . In short, we start to fear the worst, a bit like all the series that did not know how to stop after a first season of madness …
Prison Break
“Not the time, you have to go!” . Oula, oula, gently young man. Are you sure you want to continue on a second season? Because concretely, once you make all the beautiful of Fox River thanks to your intelligence and your tatoos, what is the interest of the series? The showrunners so well understood that once your moldy stomach ended, they quickly put you back in jail in Sona in season 3. In vain, most of us had already escaped as well …
Saving the cheerleader, Yataaaaaa, Peter Petrelli … There’s no twist, Heroes’ first season on TF1, it was heavy . With this addictive countdown around the time bomb that was Peter. But once the end of the world was pushed back, what remained of our daily heroes? Well not much …
True Detective
We start again and we start again. It was a little floppy that tried to slip us HBO with a second season led by a new duo of investigators: Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) and Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn). But it is well known, the copy is never worth the original. True Detective, it’s Louisiana, it’s Rust Cohle torched, it’s his acolyte Martin, it’s satanic murders and a sticky atmosphere . In short, it’s 8 episodes, no more.
Um, some will find me unfair. “Vengeance” and “War of the Damned” , which are respectively the 2nd and 3rd seasons, remain quite nice to watch. And this is even more the case with the prequel “Les Dieux de l’Arène” . In fact, if the show lost a lot of its magic, it is mainly because of the replacement (suffered) of its main hero, the actor Andy Whitfield, died on September 11, 2011 from a cancer . Never has his replacement, actor Liam McIntyre, succeeded in having the same charisma and presence on screen as the original leader of the rebellion. Cursed Thrace!
Twin Peaks
So, the cult series of David Lynch could have (had to?) Stop in episode 7 of season 2. In other words at the same time when the identity of Laura Palmer’s murderer is revealed. Because behind, the “Black Lodge” leases quickly become indigestible, until that final twist that was thought to be closed forever . It was without counting on the return event of the series on May 21 next for a season 3 mega expected. Hoping that the rhythm is as steady as in the first season …
Pretty Little Liars
Each final season is the same song: we discover a new “villain” supposed to be more sadistic than the previous one . We can deceive a person 1000 times but we can not deceive um … in short, what I mean is that it was cool and entertaining at first when we discovered the “original” A , but that it leaves (And it lasts for 7 seasons!). Does the hearing justify everything? You have 4 hours to give me your copies.
We have not seen the result yet, but we still have serious flippers …
Big Little Lies
Jean-Marc Vallée, director of the 1st season of “Big Little Lies”, was questioned in April by The Hollywood Reporter and was more than clear: “The end allows the audience to operate their imagination. Am not for ” . And yet, we seem to be heading straight for a sequel to the mini-series of HBO, adaptation of the book “Big Little Lies” . It is the author of the book, Liane Moriarty, who seems the most receptive to the idea, as she told the Sydney Morning Herald : “I began to think about a way to continue things The producers asked me to look if I could have some ideas. I’m not going to write a new novel, but more an intrigue and then we’ll see what happens. I am totally for it because once I started thinking about it, it was very fun to see what I could do and find those characters. There are really directions to take . ” Shooting on the rope is how we say no?
Stranger Things
In this case, season 2 is already signed and boxed. We will find the kids of “Stranger Things” on October 31st on Netflix for Halloween. With a lot of fears in mind. Is it possible to reach the exceptional level of season 1? Are we still going to have to deal with the world upside down at the risk of going in circles? The hardest thing is not to get to the top, it’s to stay there.