These series with crazy soundtracks

Cinema 21 June, 2017

Good music Festival ! For the occasion, little return on the series that manage their soundtracks.
June 21, it’s not just summer – or rather the heat wave … – it’s also and especially the music festival! History to get a little in the mood and celebrate it worthily, we propose you a small return on some of the series with the best soundtracks of the small screen . And since this is not the right sound is missing, do not hesitate to share yours in the comments!
The Leftovers
The series broadcast on HBO does magic with its intrigues, but also with its music breathtaking. One can end up listening to metal and some scenes later, it is the magnificent theme composed by Max Richter that comes to soften all this. A recurring theme that invites itself in the series like one more person and who reaches out to us to plunge back from the first notes . That’s it, we can kiffer.
Hard to talk about music without mentioning THE musical series of the moment: Empire, whose third season ended a month ago on FOX. It should be said that with a series focused on the drama of a family of hip-hop pros and Timbaland at the controls, it would have been a little loose not to make good sound . Between original and neat songs and Jay Z, Pharrell Williams, Prince and so on, Empire is always a pleasure for the ears.
Gray’s Anatomy
The pro of the medical drama also has another area of ​​expertise: find the perfect song to make us cry like madeleines during the most tragic scenes . Successful Mission: Whether Meredith drowns or Meredith and Cristina’s famous “dance it out”, Gray’s Anatomy’s songs became cult. And you are challenged to find someone who will tell you that he / she does not associate “How to Save a Life” by The Fray with the Shonda Rhimes series.
Big Little Lies
With a mini music lover who spends his time screwed to his headphones, Big Little Lies is a bit unavoidable when talking about soundtrack . In addition to perfectly crafted images and ever more contemplative plans, the HBO miniseries on OCS have accompanied us with their tragic intrigues of iconic pieces to create scenes so balanced that it sometimes makes them want to cry. Hat.
Game Of Thrones
When we talk about soundtrack, we also talk about soundtrack. And this is where we pay tribute to Ramin Djawadi, the musician – or magician, of the choice – who composes the soundtrack of Game of Thrones . Epic music or stressful, grandiose or discrete, the composer takes us to Meereen, North or King’s Landing with his notes and we have only one thing to say to him: thank you.
Pop, rock, country … The musics of the Girls reflect their heroines: heteroclite and modern with sometimes a touch of vintage . In any case it makes you want to move, to be young, to be in New York and to meet your friends for a drink, or to betray, or to reconcile … finally to live what.
Stranger Things
The return of the 80s, it is not only seen on our clothes. In Stranger Things, the “old” is in fashion and the mystical soundtrack of the series plunges us back a few decades back to find out what happened to Will. Period pieces and original band a bit creepy but effective, the series that caused sensation on Netflix has everything to please our ears.
Here is a little overview of some of the series that look at each other as well with the eyes as with the ears . We still do not forget The Walking Dead, The Handmaid’s Tale , 13 Reasons Why, Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights or Twin Peaks. And what sort of soundtracks have you scored?