These shameful series that we continue to watch!

Cinema 25 April, 2017

You may like to lose control by throwing yourself with passion in the new adventures of heroes not always appreciated by the greatest number? We do not blame you!
Extreme shame! Okay, you’re a real addict to the TV series and your friends spend most of their time asking about the series of the moment. Whether it’s the zombies of The Walking Dead or the power wars of Game of Thrones, you’re the hype like no one else. Yeah, but if people knew you’d cried like a poor madeleine curled up in your comforter when you saw Spencer crying for her darling, Toby, you’d probably be less clever. But no one is angry with you! After all, no matter what the reason, we all have this little show that does not look and looks full of hateful clichés and yet makes us kiffer like never before! And too bad, if the hearings are at the lowest and the plots deplorable, We want to know what happens next . Here is a small selection of these terribly shameful series, but one loves to madness:
pretty Little Liars
Rosewood and her mysteries with two balls, her stories of love in the water of barely credible rose and its actresses who would do better to resume some lessons … It is not really folichon to say that you are fan when the majority Of your friends can not even hear the show’s title without bursting with laughter. Unfortunately, Marlene King knows how to keep her viewers with storylines worn to the rope and even if you can not help but stuff yourself with chocolate ice by matting the episodes , You can believe us, you are not the only one to watch Pretty Little Liars in secret .
Gray’s Anatomy, a cursed series!
The hospital built on an Indian cemetery. More sticky, you die! After a crash, a shootout, a bomb, a ferry accident, one wonders how these poor crazy can continue to want to do their job in this place clearly cursed by the stars. Especially since the writers take a cunning pleasure to make you chill like a shit by killing all your favorite characters . At the risk of being treated of sensitive, it is time to assume your love for all these dramas. Who knows ? Respect may come from there!
The short story of the CW has everything of the basic teen-show and yet, when you start, you must admit that Riverdale makes you addict practically at first glance. So yes, it is far from being the big delirium level suspense but we kiffe the atmosphere very 60s and even the sentimental torments of the hero . It is in vain that one feels winging along the triangles in love with the series, one would not dare to admit it in public. Well, we’re not going to throw the first stone but Riverdale may end up seducing the coldest hearts.
Once Upon A Time
Here is a show that started with a serious potential. One even expected to see Mickey and Minnie disembark so much the universe seemed to correspond to the fans of the genre. Yes, but here we are, quickly weary of the constant filling of episodes . One turns in circles, one looks at Belle to forgive Rumple for the thousandth time, one represses a mine of disgust vis-a-vis a dripping romanticism but at bottom, one is far too entangled in the intrigues to drop. No need to shout it on all rooftops by cons.
Fifth season and our hero is still tortured. The road seems long for Oliver who passes from the unscrupulous murderer to the little lamb unable to shed a drop of blood. More busy sinking into a love story than saving the city, this good Olly quickly fell into the esteem of the fans. Some even gnaw at their nails for fear of discovering their terrible secret: We never failed Star City and at the same time, it is also a great pride!
The Vampire Diaries
Even though The Vampire Diaries has just ended , it was a good tame when it was necessary to confess his love for Stefan in a conversation. Taxed by niais, we have eaten reflections on our passion for the brothers Salvatore and their tribulations. Okay, it did not always fly high but we do not! One takes shame with pleasure as one is still upset by this tragic end. We want a spin-off, guys! What are your guily pleasure series?