These undercutting series deserve a little recognition of brothel

Cinema 7 April, 2017

Some things seem to deserve more attention and recognition, it starts with a good feeling. This is the case for these series.
For once it’s in the positive sense, it’s still better. Because generally, we leave more room for debate on the side stuff (players, movies, groups, games, etc.), so to the negative. Here we will be in positive criticism! And we will limit ourselves to the series of the last decade, otherwise we have not left the hostel (Spanish, or whatever you want).
The disastrous adventures of orphans Baudelaire
An original series launched on Netflix which despite the good reviews did not find its audience. A childish side with dances and songs, allowing Neil Patrick Harris to shine , and another very adult by his black and sarcastic humor. Too bad because it is really stylish. Suddenly, everyone spoke of “Stranger Things” and other series. But if you have time, try it, it’s the beauty of streaming: it’s available when you’re hot.
The Ricky Gervais Show
Basically it was a podcast and not just any one: one of the most popular. Then HBO wanted to adapt it in series, in animation mode. An original direction and a rather convincing result, giving a cartoon with punchlines of egg and crazy situations . Often when Stephen and Ricky handle Karl! But the three seasons did not make so many views that, the audience remained limited. At the same time, the broadcast schedules were not top.
Rick and Morty
Adored by a certain community of unconditional fans, ignored or downright unknown by others. Sad fate for one of the best comedy series, much less renowned than the Simpsons or Les Griffins. Basically , it’s a parody of “Back to the Future” where Doc is a drunk alcoholic and drugged, while Marty turns out to be a little unmanageable nervous, chaining chess . Very cynical, alternating wacky jokes and striking findings of justness, the series deserves more spectators and publicity.
A French series which is worth the detour, then it must be said. Dealing with death and resurrection, it clearly gives place to drama and reflection. With a good dose of stress, tension, discomfort! Basically, dead people come back to life, and go back to their lives before as if nothing had happened. Because they did not realize they were dead, actually … A very “rational” and psychological delirium that changes other zombie series where blood and gore prevail . There you cogitate and you anxiously. Still.
A creation that one owes to Judd Appatow, best known for his films now, while he is the author of a few series mine of nothing. Alas all a little depreciated, like “Freaks and Geeks” or the latest in date, “Love”. Exploring the world of modern romance, with humor and intelligence , analyzing it and making it live without falling into easy criticism, the series shows us two endearing characters, Mickey and Gus. Which form a couple that one likes to look at and see evolve.
The Americans
Quality at all levels. Actors, plot, sets and costumes, photography … Really good work and a series that should be a reference at the moment. Located in the 1980s, the story shows two Russian spies sent to the United States to glean information and refer all this to the mother country . Under cover obviously, in normal and well-integrated American mode. The father is almost too much (he kiffe limits the capitalist delirium the rogue), the mother less, the children sympathize with children of agents of the FBI … Very interesting to watch, especially today with the frenzied communications On the influence of Putin during the American elections. Who can confirm that one of these series is worth it?