They died in the series “Game of Thrones” but not (yet) in the books

Cinema 7 April, 2017

Review of the few survivors of the literary saga of the “Iron Throne” who nevertheless died wrongly in the HBO series (Attention SPOILERS!)
It will not have escaped you that the blockbuster series “Game of Thrones” is adapted from the literary saga “The Throne of Iron” of good old George R. R Martin, who has already written 5 volumes, waiting for the last two. And as dab ‘in this kind of exercise, the showrunners Daniel Weiss and David Benioff took some liberties with the original material, especially regarding the end of some characters . Several deaths of the series are still alive in the books. Well, maybe it’s also a reprieve before George ends them eh.
Jeyne Westerling / Talisa Stark
Talisa is one of the few characters remodeled for the needs of the series. In novels, Robb’s girl is called Jeyne Westerling, and did not meet her half on a battlefield as a nurse. She is a girl of great family (La Maison Westerling). All the scenes of romance between her and the “King of the North” in season 3 were created from scratch . Another difference of size: she was not present the evening of the “Nuptials Purple” , nor even pregnant …
Roose and Walda Bolton
In the series, the Bolton Family is massacred by this bastard of Ramsay, who wants to ensure the lineage solo. He first deals with daron Roose by stabbing him dully, before reserving a horrible punishment to his mother-in-law and his baby brother-in-law, who will end up devoured by the dogs . Crimes absent from books.
Shireen Baratheon
The poor little girl was sent to the stake by her fanatical father and the Red Witch in episode 9 of season 5, who thought that this offering would put the Master of Light on their side. While in books, Shireen stayed at Chateau-Noir with her mother, while Stannis went to the front. But many fans think that the showrunners Daniel Weiss and David Benioff (in consultation with George RR Martin) have just taken a little ahead of the books, and that it is likely to happen the same fate to the girl …
Selyse Baratheon
Logically, Selyse did not fuck in the air after the sacrifice of his daughter, since he has not (yet) arrived. Stannis’s wife waits his turn wisely at Chateau-Noir.
Stannis Baratheon
In the Baratheon family, I ask the nth brother who claims the Iron Throne. This good old Stannis, who has made his daughter blaze for nothing, since he had the face of the tronche by the troops of Ramsay Bolton, before being finished by Brienne. Again, events could happen again in the books, where Stannis was left in a big galley at the end of “A Dance With Dragons” , who was trapped by the blizzard when he counted Take Winterfell out of Bolton’s hands.
Mance Rayder
For having refused to pledge allegiance to King Stannis, Mance Ryder, “The King Beyond the Wall,” is condemned to the stake in the first episode of season 5. His sufferings will still be alleviated by Jon Snow, who Shot an arrow in the heart. The scene of the pyre exists in the novels, but it is learned much later that the victim was not Mance Rayder, but the Lord of the Bones, otherwise called Rattleshirt (he died under the blows of Tormund in the series). The witch Mélisandre made her take on the appearance of Mance …
Barristan Selmy
Fans of Barristan, who despaired of his death in the middle of season 5, can still take refuge in the books. The good man was not massacred by the dissident group of “Sons of the Harpy” . On the contrary, Daenerys ‘s devoted right hand assumes his duties as Queen’s Hand, especially when the latter has disappeared , making him the interim leader of Meereen.
Myrcella Baratheon
In both cases, the biological daughter of Cersei and Jaime Lannister is the victim of plans that have messed up. With a slightly stronger penalty in the series since she died poisoned by Ellaria Sand, who wanted revenge for the death of her brother, Prince Oberyn. While in the tome “A Feast for Crows”, the girl is in the middle of a stratagem of Ariane Martell who aims to put her on the Iron Throne at the death of her brother Joffrey . But the plan will run short when the conspirators are captured: one of them, Gerold Dayne will try to kill Myrcella, who will still escape, but totally disfigured.
Catelyn Stark
“What? She was not dead during the Purple Nouces?” . Technically though, whether in the series or books. But the matriarch Stark did not say his last word. In “The Iron Throne”, she resurrected through the Bannerless Brotherhood in the form of a vengeful soul named Lady Stoneheart . A return to business that seems unlikely in the case of the series, even though his adopted son has already made us the coup in the last season …