Third party payer : the warning of the medical doctors ‘ unions

Health 19 July, 2017


Published the 19.07.2017 at 12: 27 pm


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The government is walking on eggshells with the liberal doctors. The implementation of the third-party payer widespread could, in effect, incur the wrath of trade unions medical. They had denounced this scheme under the previous quinquennium, and the recall today.

On the 11th of July last, at the microphone of France Inter, Agnès Buzyn has confirmed that the third-party payer – that is already applied to pregnant women, patient in affection or long term beneficiaries of the CMU or the AME – would be well generalized to the entire population. “It is a question of equity and access to care,” she said.
A few days earlier, the minister of Health had however seem to indicate that the third-party payer was suspended the time to find the best model. When asked by The General practitioner, it was explained that the advance to a third-party payer generalizable depends on the system proposed for doctors. “If this is not functional, we will delay the process. Health professionals adhere to if it is simple. And this will have not intended to be mandatory “, she said.

For the moment, the ministry of Health has not set any timetable. He was awaiting the reports of the Igas, which is expected to be delivered in September and Insurance. They must conclude on the technical feasibility of such a measure. However, on Thursday, July 13, Christophe Castaner, the government spokesman, has confirmed that the third-party payer would be well generalized to the part reimbursed by the basic health Insurance on the 1st December next, as provided for in the law of Health.

Opposition from trade unions

Declarations divergent that will reassure not the unions who thought that this third-party payer widespread would be buried. The main, the CSMF, denounced “the double speech” of the minister of Health and pounds their desire to see the third-party payer simply removed.

MG France has also expressed its opposition. Just as the CSMF, SML, or the FMF, the union of general practitioners says that the third-party payer will result in “administrative overhead” because of the “complexity” of the current system.

Aware of the trouble that the device may generate among professionals, Agnès Buzyn he wanted to set up a simple model and practical. “We hope that the doctors find a facility in the third party payer, we need to give them time medical rather than administrative time “, she pounded on France Inter.

The SML also opposed to this measure, it is said, however, open to other systems of exemption from the advance fee that could be put in place by doctors on a voluntary basis ” to support the patients who are most modest, and for the care of the more costly “. The union hopes to be able to be heard by the Igas.
And if their voices are not being heard, some unions warn that a motion to strike to be launched in December.