Third-party payment generalized : Agnès Buzyn am looking for a method

Health 11 July, 2017


Published the 11.07.2017 at 10h37


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No timetable, but a promise. The third-party payer will be quite generalized. The minister of Health assured us this 11 July at the microphone of France Inter. The principle of the duty remains in debate, but the measure will be applied. “Yes, we’ll go, said Agnes Buzyn. The question is with what method. “

For the lessee of the avenue Duquesne, things are clear. Facilitate access to care should not come at the expense of health professionals. And for the time being, this cannot be guaranteed. The technical problems are many, and the measure risk of adding to the administrative burden of the physicians.

If the interest of the third-party payment no doubt, the minister of Health prefer to spare those who will apply it. “We hope that the doctors find a facility in the third party payer, we need to give them time medical rather than administrative time “, she pounded on France Inter.

Not of abandonment

The general Inspectorate of social affairs (Igas) has been input. It will need to assess the scheme set on foot by Marisol Touraine, former minister of Health. Pending the conclusions of the report, Agnès Buzyn prefer to procrastinate.

It must be said that the challenge is major : the law of modernization of the health system does not provide for sanctions against physicians who refuse to apply the third-party payer. The steer would therefore be counter-productive.

So far, the minister of Health refuses to talk about the abandonment of the third-party payer. “I never said that it was suspended. Here, we put everything on tv “, she explained in a Release. The generalization will have to wait a little longer.

The report of the Igas is expected for September, the date on which the health Insurance will issue it as a document analysis. The construction is therefore likely to be delayed.