This: A new teaser unveiled, the Club of misfires discovers Pennywise

Cinema 9 May, 2017

This weekend was held the MTV Movie Awards and a new extract of the highly anticipated It was unveiled. It’s chilling!
Each time we say we are not quite ready, but we still launch the video and every time we find ourselves face to face with the nightmare of our childhood … While a first trailer of It was scary a few weeks ago, a new extract was unveiled at the MTV Movie Awards and we find the Club de Ratés in full exploration of a sewer mouth by hyper glamor . While the two brave ones soak their feet and observe what they have around them, two others prefer to watch from a distance and frankly we understand them. Who would want to walk in gray water aka a mixture of urine and feces? Not us, at least not today.
Then suddenly we hear a very creepy laugh coming from the bottom of the tunnel and clearly we want to flee, especially when a red balloon floats gently but surely towards us … STRESS! We can then discover a series of images with scared faces before discovering full of red balloons and Pennywise just behind … Stephen King warned us, It will be scary and we take our word for it!