This is Us, Jane the Virgin, The Mick, The Affair …: 7 series of crazy that you do not look yet

Cinema 28 January, 2017

You like the series, but do you get tired of the ones you die? Unless you want new titles to add to your schedule? No worries, here are 7 series to EMS if you have not already done so.
The week was rich for the series. Between the returns of the series CW or that of the TGIT, we did not have time to get bored before our small screen. But since it’s winter and you get the impression that it’s -1000, it’s possible that the series we have on our computer are not enough to keep us as it should. But do not panic, the meltynauts. Chope a plaid, a good cup of hot chocolate and arm yourself with treats, here are seven series that you still do not look and you’ll have to try as quickly as possible . And even if we did not mention in the article, there is also Riverdale episode 1 which aired last night on The CW (which is also available in US + 24 on Netflix).
The Affair
Love is beautiful. But sometimes love makes one completely blind and one ruins everything one could have for the beautiful eyes of someone else. The Affair tells the story of a woman and a man – each married his side – and who start an affair . Obviously, there will be consequences in their lives and the series also offers us a red thread throughout its three seasons. The particularity of the show: cut out its episodes in two parts, according to the points of view of the characters. We love.
Jane the Virgin
Before its launch, Jane the Virgin was the ugly duckling of the TV series. His pitch totally wacky – namely a young latina woman who is accidentally inseminated – raised eyebrows, but it is almost three years after the show is among the best on the networks. Meanwhile telenovela totally fun has made us addicted and her heroine, Jane (played by Gina Rodriguez) clearly makes us realize that we could fall in love with someone without the experience .
The Mick
Launched in January on FOX , this new comedy totally crazy invites us to follow the story of a woman to life not very healthy which is found to have to watch his niece and nephew after her sister had fled the country. Kaitlin Olson (we already kiffait in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) is just awesome in this series and each episode is a killer . If you do not mate it, now is the time.
This Is Us
This Is Us is THE series of the season and even the Canal + TV broadcasts in France. We’re not going to say too much about the risk of spoiling the driver. But if you like the feeling égood series “and moving, it will be perfect for you. But we warn you, handkerchiefs and ice are set before each episode .
The Good Place
If we were to give a good reason to check out The Good Place, it’s Kristen Bell. Who does not love the actress? No one. Well, we admit that the series is really top too. The pitch: Eleanor, a New Jersey woman who realizes she was not a very good person. She decides to change her life and learn what it means to be “good” or “bad”, and thus try to catch up with her bad behavior that she may have had in the past. There are small Lost airs in the construction of the series and we feel good every time an episode ends . To emergency mater, then.
Code Black
Fans of Gray’s Anatomy, Emergencies and other medical series: Code Black is a series not valued enough to its true value. Yes, launched last year on CBS, the medical series worn by Marcia Gay Harden started very badly. But as the weeks went by, the show got its tone and today it is one of those series that look at each other with pleasure. Very moving, the series takes guts and sometimes the second season is totally different from the first in its construction and its intrigues .
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Last but not least, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. A hilarious series that we propose to follow the character of Rebecca who decides to move from New York to meet in a mini-city of California after having fallen face to nose with Josh, his teenage crush. Totally crazy, the series is part of its small nuggets of TV and guess what, it will soon be broadcast on Teva ! What series do you want to try?