This is Us: Kevin (Justin Harley), a huge revelation coming on his past!

Cinema 13 January, 2017

A huge twist may shake fans of This is Us … Justin Hartley tease upcoming twists for his character, Kevin.

If you do not look This Is Us, the best novelty of the season in 2016 , it is high time to get started. Records of audiences and rave reviews, the latest of NBC does not stop anymore! After a well-deserved winter break, This Is Us was back Tuesday night on American screens. The opportunity for fans of the series to finally know the fate of dear Toby . Warning, spoilers! Yeah, remember, in the final mid-season, Kate’s boyfriend made a heart attack and knowing the love of the series for tears, we were clearly prepared for the worst … Fortunately , More afraid than of evil since, after a risky operation, Toby escaped unscathed in episode 12. A great fear for Kate that will have however had advantages: the two lovebirds finally stopped turning around the pot And declared their feelings … Today, it is not Kate that interests us, but his brother Kevin. Between her new career in New York, her love triangle between Olivia and Sloane and her complicated relationships with her family, we thought we knew everything about her … and yet! In the next episodes of This Is Us , we will witness a huge twist about his past …
This is the interpreter of Kevin himself, talented Justin Hartley , who said: “I love what will happen to Kevin afterwards You will discover something super heavy on his past Nobody is going!. The bouncing will explain a lot about him and his behavior since we know him, you’re all going to ask you, ‘but what does he go do ?’ We’ll see him give everything to achieve his goal .I love to see him be passionate like that! ” . You will understand, many things may change in the result of This Is Us for the brother of Kate and Randall … What is it? The bets are open ! In any case, we look forward to seeing this .. not you?