This Is Us Season 2: Take out the handkerchiefs, the first teaser of the next episodes has arrived!

Cinema 16 May, 2017

Beware, this article is likely to cause you to shed a few tears. When NBC teases the return of This Is Us, its flagship series, it gives that.
It will have been a single season for This Is Us to make us all fall under his spell . Well it will have been enough of a single teaser so that the season 2 already makes us cry with hot tears. What they are strong at NBC! In this video promo, no new image of the next episodes. No, to make us wait before the beginning of the school year and to remind us why we love the series so much, This Is Us appealed to those who made its success, its fans and its actors . It’s hard to keep our tears in front of this first teaser of season 2 … But if you followed This Is Us this year, you know that it is often the effect that the Dan Fogelman show.
Change of program, in the coming school year we will meet the Pearson family on Thursday evening! So your agendas. For this season 2 of This Is Us , Dan Fogelman and his team have no right to make mistakes . The 10 million viewers who followed the first chapters of the life of this family unlike any other expect very heavy … and so are we! So, will the success be back to the appointment? Will we finally have answers to our many questions? The verdict is in a few months on NBC .