This is Us: The three theories about the death SPOILER

Cinema 17 November, 2016

From the first episode of This Is Us on learning the death of one of the characters. 3 theories attempt to explain why.

this-is-us-saison-1-episode-2-pilote-1x02By the end of the second episode we learned with amazement that Rebecca is in a relationship with Miguel. But what happened to the father of triplets This Is Us? In ” The Game Plan ” , Kate confirms that Jack died, she carefully keeps his ashes in an urn. Milo Ventimiglia admit I was very touched by the disappearance of his character. He cried several times while watching the episode and explains that the reason for the death of Jack affect greatly the audience. The mystery remains, but several theories put us on the track. First, Jack could fall into the trap of alcohol. He promised Rebecca that he would stop, but a tragic event should change that. Moreover, we know that the young woman reads a book by Stephen King, Misery. The main character was in a serious car accident while driving while intoxicated .
The second theory says that following his problems with alcohol, Jack could die from liver cancer. We then understand why Randall tries at all costs to save his biological father. The loss of Jack haunts him every day and he does not want to relive the same without having fought to the end . Finally, he could fall into depression and did not recover. Indeed, Jack sacrificed his dream of opening his own real estate agency to support his family. We see in the episodes he is more concerned about his work. It does not flourish at all and it seems to have trouble being under the orders of Miguel. Moreover, it gradually moves away from his wife, which she resumed her singing career front. Anyway, we have to prepare to get out the handkerchiefs. Fortunately good news ahead: This is Us landed in France! According to you, what Jack is dead?