“This morning, I cracked up” : the cry of alarm of a nurse in the Ardèche

Health 14 January, 2018

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“This morning, I cracked. “In an open letter to the minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn, a young nurse at the centre hospitalier du Cheylard, Ardèche, explains why she has decided to hang up his coat after only a year and a half of exercise. His open letter, published on the 27th of December on Facebook, has been shared almost 18,000 times. It reflects a situation of extreme tension in the public.

A crucial lack of staff

In question, above all, the workforce shortage. “A nurse can find themselves dealing with only 35 patients within a clinical surveillance increased, to accommodate one or more user(s) that is in a way “programmed” and take charge of one or two emergency department(s) vital(s), all at the same time, ” explains Mathilde Basset, 24 years old. Assigned to the nursing home (retirement home) from the hospital, she described the same mismanagement, with three nurses full-time for 99 residents and no night nurse.

And the young nurse to conclude on an observation of the most dark. “I love the care, the care, the relationship of trust with my patients, but I don’t work in a place of life medical. I am in a slaughter plant that crushes the humanity of the lives that she is home, in your pajamas or in a white coat. “

The Ehpads worried

The ” malaise of the hospital “, according to the formula now consecrated, is well known to all the actors of health. Torn between an ethic of care and cost-effectiveness issues (drastic reduction of the workforce, proliferation of tasks), a lot of health professionals are no longer able to give meaning to their mission. And if the public hospital is frequently used in first-line mobilizations, long-term care-public are also increasingly concerned.

If the austerity in the hospital does not date from yesterday, and relies on a process of far-reaching reforms implemented in the years 2000, the medical-social-public is located in the middle of the ford. The reform of financing long-term care Facility, intended to align the rates of the public and the private, is a significant concern. The fédération hospitalière de France(FHF) had warned about this last summer, evaluating 200 million euros shortfall for some retirement homes to the public, welcoming in particular the public and more dependent on it.

Social movement in the end of the month

After being apprehended, the minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn has not responded to the open letter. “I am attentive to the discontent of the public hospital. I have lived, I know him well, “said she in October last year on the board of the health Magazine, before specifying :” I’m not going to do miracles, I prefer to say it. “A way of signifying that if the method is gentle, the budgetary trajectory is much less.

The reform of financing long-term care Facility, decided under the five year previous, has been confirmed by the minister, and will be accompanied by a budget of € 100 million, designed to strengthen the student-teacher ratio. Not sure that the measure is enough to convince : the unions have already called for a national day-long strike in the long-term care facilities on January 30th.