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Entertainment 15 December, 2017


In a documentary, Dutronc life in spite of himself, to be broadcast Friday, December 15, at 20h55, on France 3, Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc meet by interviews side-by-side. And the latter reveals an evil that has a time-eaten : jealousy

“Tell me about him/ You know well/ It’s my life/ Oh I beg you/ Don’t hide anything… “. We are in 1968. Françoise Hardy is frantic with love for Jacques Dutronc that file between the fingers. His songs are all bottles sent to this lover who makes them, emotionally, insecure…

Françoise, it is the queen bee, she’s the queen of the blues , introduces Jacques Dutronc in the documentary Dutronc life in spite of himself, Frédéric Brunnquell, remembering the time of their first meeting and their first few years together.

At the time, to him, it is the free electron, the “toy extra” favorite of the girls, the p’tit guy who enjoys everything and everyone, able to land naked with his musicians for a dinner is very formal at the Pompidou and sing to all berzingue as if it passed in 78 rpm. A-side “bad boy” that does just that Françoise Hardy the find irresistible.

It is known that their relationship was not a long quiet river, just after the birth of Thomas, their son, it takes a time the powder cleared off, before coming back. “We lived together at the end of seven years only, ” says Françoise Hardy, and it has not been easy. Thomas, who was not accustomed to see, was rejected for a long time.

I haven’t been very honest with her, it is not serious,” says a Jacques Dutronc false, I don’t-not caring about, which adds about the song’s personal Message, sung by Françoise Hardy : “As I was jealous, I wondered if it was for me.” Rare confidence of those who do not much like to address its weaknesses and to talk about it said it preferred to leave the word to one who is still his wife.

Jacques Dutronc jealous ? It would not have been believed. However he knows this evil ” terrible “. He hardly mentions it, yes, but barely, with him, it is already a lot.

Even if for now many years, another woman came into the life of Jacques Dutronc, and his marriage with Françoise Hardy, a little to the image of the one that formed Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan and Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, is out-of-time, timeless, irreplaceable. A symbol of youth, glowing and irresistible. Engraved in the memory of an entire generation. And burned on CD in a version that is very personal to a track sung by Jean Sablon and Mireille, in 1935 : “Since you travel/ As we leave this evening…” Our hearts did his training !

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