Thor 3 Ragnarok: Benedict Cumberbatch teases the relationship between Doctor Strange and the Nordic God

Cinema 8 March, 2017

Benedict Cumberbatch returned in an interview about the relationship between the Nordic God and Doctor Strange in Thor 3 Ragnarok!
For those who would have seen Doctor Strange , remember: Thor appeared in the post-generic scene. The proof of a presence of the magician alongside the Nordic God in Thor 3 Ragnarok, whose logo of the film was revealed with a 80 ‘aesthetic ? It would seem that yes if we believe the interpreter Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight . Of course, the latter decided to say as little as possible to leave the mystery behind, but in the face of the increasingly important role of the MCU, it is impossible not to believe that the Nordic God will not meet the famous magician during his Next adventure.
Benedict Cumberbatch explained to Entertainment Tonight “Chris Hemsworth (Thor) is a lovely person and a great character. We had a good interaction and there may be more to see in Thor 3 … Finally c ‘Is all I can say … ” . Again, a member of the MCU is trying to blow the heat and cold with the fans before the release of Thor 3 Ragnarok whose new connection to Planet Hulk has been confirmed . The film will be released before the next super-heroic meeting expected by all fans: Avengers 3 Infinity War . The opportunity to start a new phase in the biggest universe Marvel seen in cinema in recent years! What do you think of this interview?