Thor 3 Ragnarok: Doctor Strange confirmed to the cast, will it have a great role?

Cinema 2 January, 2017

It is confirmed, Doctor Strange will be present at the cast of Thor Ragnarok whose release is scheduled for the end of the year. What role will it have?
The rumors for a while and a confirmation was given in the movie Doctor Strange came out last November. Yes, to our delight, one of the scenes in the credits allowed us to find Thor that we had not seen since Avengers Era of Ultron . The God from Asgard came to ask Stephen Strange a helping hand to find his father Odin, driven out of his kingdom by Loki. To prevent Thor’s half-brother from causing chaos in the streets of New York, the new MCU superhero agreed to help Thor and it is now certain that we find him in the Taika Waititi film in November next. Much like the post-credits scene Ant-Man with Captain America and Falcon , the scene we discovered in Doctor Strange could be fully incorporated into Thor Ragnarok .
Will Doctor Strange have a big role? We already know that much of the plot of Thor Ragnarok will take place in space , but Thor will indeed be looking for Odin that we had seen it a few months ago already completely unrecognizable in photos of Shooting in New York. So Doctor Strange could use his powers to help Thor locate him and then he could start managing the disaster threatening his kingdom. Strange is unlikely to leave in space with Thor, even if it would be very cool!