Thor Ragnarok: 3 things to know about Odin if you fear for his life in New York

Cinema 4 April, 2017

Odin will be back in Thor Ragnarok and will reveal some of his most precious secrets.
Poor Odin! Driven from his throne by his son, forced to go into exile on Earth. Okay, exile in New York is pretty cool, but when you’re used to the wealth of Asgard, it’s not very cool. Thor’s father will be back in Ragnarok and if we do not know exactly the importance of his role in this new adventure that promises to be exceptional, it is still important to know the secrets of the King of Asgard , We never know if one day you meet him in the street, it will make you a subject of discussion. When we meet Odin in Thor Ragnarok, the latter will be wandering the streets of New York , not necessarily at the top of its form, but the first good news that is revealed to you, Is that the God of Asgard is immune to all earthly diseases . Yes, when you have to protect the Earth and the universe, the excuse “Sorry I have the gastro” , it does not pass Too much.
If you’re really worried about Odin on Earth, far from his kingdom, you’re sure to be reassured: even if Odin had not landed in New York, but more in Beijing or Dubai, he would have found his way ‘He speaks all languages . He could even have exiled himself on Mars that the little green men would soon become his friends. He has no effort to do, he knows how to speak all the languages, the dialects … We really would not have him with us in our German classes!
Last but not least , in your opinion, what is the common thread between Odin and Snow White? They were both driven out of their home by a member of their so-called family, but still? They are kiffed by animals! Yes, Odin can count on our friends the beasts to help him in complicated situations and among his best friends are 2 ravens and 2 wolves … Cool not? While the first trailer of Thor Ragnarok should arrive in the coming months , the first official photos are still to be discovered.