Thor Ragnarok: After the trailer, a first official poster

Cinema 11 April, 2017

It’s a little Christmas for all fans of Thor since a new trailer has been unveiled and we share with you the official poster.
He is there, there he is, there he is! After months of teasing, “Thor will be the film of all the changes” , after James Gunn’s tweet announcing that the trailer Thor Ragnarok was one of the best trailers of the MCU , we can FINALLY make our own opinion. Yes, the very first trailer of the new adventures of the God of Asgard is there and the least we can say is that we are ABSOLUTELY NOT DISAPPOINTED. The film realized by Taika Waititi will show the destruction of Asgard by Hela which will also benefit to deprive Thor of its precious Mjolnir . Loki will be back for the better, but also for the worse and we will have an appointment with Valkyrie and the Grand Master.
Our long-haired warrior will have a Gladiator-style makeover and will be thrown into the arena facing … his colleague! Yeah, if you could not help laughing at Thor’s reaction when the Hulk lands, we do not blame you, we did the same! Certainly the trailer of Thor Ragnarok shows a lot , but the poster him, remains rather sober and we let you discover it just above!