Thor Ragnarok: Asgard destroyed because of a Gem of the Infinite?

Cinema 17 April, 2017

Thor Ragnarok will mark the probable destruction of Asgard and the end of the adventures of Thor as we know them. What if everything was linked to one of the Infinite Gems?
If the humor is very present in the trailer of Thor Ragnarok unveiled earlier this week , we do not forget that this film announces events dark enough for our superhero and his people. The trailer of the film directed by Taika Waititi clearly shows the destruction of the Mjolnir which is still a symbol of power, but also the disappearance of a part of Asgard after the arrival of Hela. As a result many fans wonder: what power can allow the destruction of Asgard? The theory announces that a Gem of the Infinite could be mingled with all this history, more precisely the Gem of the soul .
According to the same theory, it was entrusted to Heimdall, integrated in his garb of Asgard, allowing him to see life in 9 kingdoms, more than a billion souls. As shown in the trailer, the latter is not at its best and we do not know exactly where it is, but one thing is for sure, it is not in his Guardian armor. Has the Gem of the Soul been stolen? Only a few months ago there was a rumor that Loki and Hela were going to join forces to recover the Gem of the Soul before the great villain of the film turns against his ally, forcing Loki to come and claim the help of his brother. With the Gem of the Soul, Hela would have the ability to fly and / or manipulate souls, Those of the living as well as those of the dead. A good way to mobilize an army and empty a kingdom of its defenses!
This is only a hypothesis but the Gem of the Soul is the only one we have not seen in the MCU movies yet we are certain that they must all be unveiled before Avengers Infinity War And the arrival of Thanos, the Big Bad of what promises to be the greatest superhero adventure ever seen in cinema! While waiting to learn more about Thor Ragnarok, you are revealed the questions that arise again after seeing the trailer ! Can Hela recover the Gem of the soul?