Thor Ragnarok: Chris Hemsworth ready to fight on new photo

Cinema 15 May, 2017

Thor will soon be back in the dark rooms and we find him ready for the battle on a new photo of Ragnarok.
4 YEARS ! Four years ago Thor fans are eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite solo hero in the dark rooms. The God of Asgard came to lend a hand to the Avengers to fight Ultron and then left on his side, persuaded that something serious was preparing on Asgard. Since then, he has been looking for and looking and if we know he spent a little time with his roommate in Australia, saddened not to have been solicited for Civil War, he will be back at the heart of the action in Thor Ragnarok whose first trailer was unveiled a few weeks ago. Taika Waititi took control of this new adventure which looks very different from the previous two , but quite exceptional.
Thor away from Earth and far from Asgard will find himself trapped on a distant planet where the Grand Master uses his prisoners to offer the show and our favorite Asgard God will have to fight in the heart of an arena Against … the Hulk! On the new photo unveiled by the American site EMPIRE we discover him in his combat clothing, short hair and determined look! We do not know about you, but at melty we are REALLY very eager to discover Thor Ragnarok who could show the destruction of Asgard !