Thor Ragnarok: Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) back to shoot new scenes?

Cinema 6 May, 2017

Would Hulk need some extra scenes in Thor: Ragnarok? Mark Ruffalo would indeed go on shooting for the film!
Ah, the buddy movie , the slaps we give ourselves in the back, the oaths of eternal friendship, the promise of confronting everything together … and the donuts and insults we exchange! There will probably be a bit of that in Thor: Ragnarok , where our asgardian god will find his old friend, the great (and always edgy) Hulk. Bruce Banner’s alter ego is not someone who is always easy. And it’s enough to see the trailer of Thor: Ragnarok to realize that it does not go immediately next to the blond Avenger. But it is obviously with great pleasure that we find Mark Ruffalo in the role of the superhero, he who disappeared from the traffic since The Avengers: Ultron’s Era after fleeing into the group’s Quinjet. It is unclear what position the character occupies in the film, few details having emerged on his role. But we must hope for the actor that he enjoyed the adventure because it is apparently not over! And yes, Melty’s editing found today that Mark Ruffalo was back on Thor’s stage: Ragnarok to shoot new scenes.
And it was the actor himself who disclosed information about social networks. He has posted a picture of him on his Instagram account at a time when he seems in full preparation for a motion capture session. And in case we doubt that it is for Thor: Ragnarok , he says in a comment: ” Hello old friend, the incredible green behemoth is back, get ready for #ragnorok .” Well, that has the merit of being clear at least! Even though he has planted a little in the spelling of the title … He probably does not speak about the shooting of The Avengers: Infinity War , which is in full swing. We do not know what kind of scenes Mark Ruffalo returned to shoot. And obviously impossible to say if other actors of the film will be concerned by this new shooting session. But there is no way to worry anyway, this kind of maneuver has become quite common . Maybe there will be a little more info on Hulk and, why not, on the elements of “Planet Hulk”, one of the characters is embodied by the director of Thor: Ragnarok himself! Are you eager to find the character? One of whose characters is embodied by the director of Thor: Ragnarok himself! Are you eager to find the character?