Thor Ragnarok: Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) tease the next trailer!

Cinema 17 July, 2017

A new trailer of Thor: Ragnarok should soon land! The proof, Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) has teased a little content.

Who wants to see new images of Thor: Ragnarok? The hero with the hammer will return in the dark rooms next fall, accompanied not only by all his asgardian companions but also by his green buddy, Hulk. Finally, his buddy is quickly said since both characters should stand on the face for the benefit of the Grand Master (Jeff Goldblum) in an arena fight that promises to be … rather fun. Especially for us by the way, and not so much for Thor. The very first trailer of Taika Waititi’s film exploded a record as the most trailer of a Marvel production, proof that the return of the god of thunder is very, very awaited. Fortunately, his fans will soon have the opportunity to discover a new trailer in the coming weeks thanks to the San Diego Comic Con where the Marvel movies will hold a 90 minute panel. But while waiting to learn more about the opus to come, we can count on an actor to teaser us the content of this future trailer!

The actor in question is Mark Ruffalo, the interpreter of Bruce Banner / Hulk, who had the chance to see the new trailer. Neither one nor two, he spoke on his Twitter account and posted a little comment that will make the fans of Thor tremble with impatience: “I just saw the trailer of Thor 3 today. Between Thor and Hulk, guess who wins in a fight, it looks a little confused, you’ll see. ” To believe that there will be no real winner between the green giant and the giant Asgardian god! In any case, if the next trailer shows us some images of the fight between Thor and Hulk, we will be delighted. Because we are not going to lie, the meeting of the two superheroes is part of the film that is expected with the most impatience. The shooting of Thor: Ragnarok having resumed a few months before its release, one may have in bonus more information about him during the San Diego Comic Con!