Thor Ragnarok: More details on the plot unveiled

Cinema 10 March, 2017

The news about our favorite superhero has rained since last night and we learn a little more about the next adventures of Thor.
Has Thor already aroused so much excitement? The God of Asgard made his big return to the front of the stage yesterday on the cover of the American magazine EW. Since then, he is at the heart of all discussions, notably because he appears with a brand new hairstyle , a new outfit but also without his Mjolnir for the promotion of Thor Ragnarok . We discovered his new allies, his new enemies as well as more precise details on the plot ahead of us this November. The last time we saw Thor he was flying to find out who was handling the Avengers at the end of Ultron’s Era and when we find him in Ragnarok he will be back on Asgard where Loki has taken the place of ‘Odin on the throne. As one might suspect,
She will meet face to face with Thor , a meeting that will send our favorite superhero right on Sakaar, a planet controlled by … SUSPENSE … The Grand Master aka Jeff Goldblum. The good news is that our God in exile will at the same time cross the path of Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), a formidable warrior. One thing leading to another, Thor will get to know the master of the place and to welcome him, the Great Master will force him to become one of his gladiators. Who better than Thor to impress the crowd? Maybe the Hulk? Yes, the two Avengers are going to meet and after many tests (at least, Imagine) Thor Ragnarok will turn into a kind of road-trip superhero version . We had already the main lines of the synopsis, but with these new details we are even more impatient to discover the film!