Thor Ragnarok, Star Wars The Last Jedi, Spin Off Fast and Furious 8 … The Top Ciné of the month of April!

Cinema 30 April, 2017

Thor Ragnarok, Kingsman 2 or the announcement of Jude Law to interpret Dumbledore … the month of April was rich in movie news! Here are a few top things to remember
During the month of April, the aficionados of the intergalactic saga created by George Lucas were able to enjoy themselves with the Star Wars Celebration . At this event, Lucas Film unveiled the trailer of Star Wars The Last Jedi ! A trailer that puts enormous power on the handover between the legendary Luke Skywalker and the young Rey . There are several characters seen in the seventh episode but especially Finn who had left the spectators badly in point. His interpreter, John Boyega, explained, “The injury is something that Finn has had to face. He’s in full recovery and will make his return in The Last Jedi . ” In short, the fans are already looking forward.
Disney, which owns Marvel Studio in addition to Lucas Film, took the opportunity to unveil a second trailer. And this trailer is the one that signs the return of the famous Nordic God: Thor. In Thor Ragnarok (including a major comic book character Planet Hulk will be played by the director) , the hero will face events that endanger the world of Asgard. For the occasion, the film will rely heavily on a shifted tone and 80 ‘adopted by its director Taïka Waititi . A fun side that can already be seen in a colorful and rhythmic trailer by Immigrant Song . Thor Ragnarok will be a new treat for the fans of Marvel before the release of Infinity War .
But April was also the month of the castings, in addition to that of the trailers. First, Jude Law was announced as the next Dumbledore in The Fantastic Animals . He will play the famous director of Hogwarts in his youth while the latter will face his enemy Grindelwald, played by Johnny Depp. An encounter that the Potterhead are eagerly anticipating and which will complete the mythology of the Harry Potter universe . A mythology already vast and imagined by JK Rowling, here screenwriter of the film planned for several episodes by Warner. Fans now only have a hurry : discover what Jude Law will look like in the shoes of the famous Dumbledore.
But this is not the only announcement about a cast as Josh Brolin will join the one of Deadpool 2, whose date of exit US was announced , in the role of Cable. It is the second character Marvel that the actor will play after Thanos who will be the great villain of the super-heroic meeting Infinity War . The choice of Josh Brolin is surely not insignificant since it will require the actor a great compatibility with Ryan Reynolds to enter this universe Marvel different from those produced by Disney . With this announcement, the Fox surprised many internet users: for several months the websites of the world announced the possibility to see several other actors get the role.
Let’s say it: Fast and Furious 8 was a great commercial success for Universal. One of the reasons for this success is obviously the presence of the colossus Dwayne Johnson and the Englishman Jason Statham. It’s simple: all the scenes between the characters were enjoyable and interspersed with big punchlines . It is not for nothing that Universal has planned a spin-off featuring this little duo that revealed itself in the eighth episode. Little information about this adventure without the “family” at the moment but one thing can be sure is that the chase races will be replaced by bare-hand action scenes. The domain of choice of the two men!
Between the trailer of the Last Jedi and Thor Ragnarok , the month of April was rather generous with the fans. The announcement of the cast of Jude Law in Dumbledore and Josh Brolin in Cable was also part of this month’s highlights as well as the announcement of the spin-off Fast and Furious 8 . Will the month of May be better? We give you an appointment in 30 days to discover it in the next Top Cinema ! And you, what was your Top Movie in April?