Thor Ragnarok: The return of Natalie Portman teased by Taika Waititi?

Cinema 9 May, 2017

While we had lost all hope of seeing Natalie Portman in Thor Ragnarok, the actress could finally be back.
Last year, we almost collided with the drama when we learned that Natalie Portman would not be part of the adventure Thor: Ragnarok . But when you think about it, it was not so surprising, the majority of the story taking place in space, on Asgard or on the planet of Sakaar. So we got to the idea. Hardly, but we did it. But while we had lost all hope of seeing Jane Foster in Thor’s arms, the director of the film, Taika Waititi, published a most intriguing tweet this weekend. On the latter, we see two photographs of Natalie Portman , taken from scenes of the films Leon , from Luc Besson, and Where the heart leads us . In legend, Taika Waititi wrote: “Pay attention to the signs. #Ragnarok ” . Did he tease the return of Natalie Portman in Thor 3: Ragnarok ? The hashtag of the film is there anyway, and the director advises us to pay attention to the signs. Now, remains to be seen what signs he is talking about. The actress wears a plant on these two photos, but what is the relationship with Thor 3: Ragnarok ? There is the question.
According to Movieweb , the return of Natalie Portman is not to be banished. After all, last week, Mark Ruffalo shared a picture showing that he was back to shoot new scenes in Thor: Ragnarok . Perhaps he is not the only one to shoot new scenes, and maybe in these, Natalie Portman makes an appearance. Knowing that Thor will take a trip to New York in search of his father Odin, as we have seen in the post-generic scene of Dr Strange , it would be surprising if he did not make a little cuckoo to his beloved . Unless it’s a post-generic scene, and Taika Waititi teases the return of Jane Foster’s character in the MCU in general? Or, it’s just to play with our nerves and blur the tracks. Answer on October 25! And you what do you think ?