Thor Ragnarok: The trailer, what should not be missed

Cinema 11 April, 2017

Yesterday was unveiled the first trailer of Thor Ragnarok and now that the excitement is a little fallen, we come back on what should not be missed!
To say that the trailer of Thor Ragnarok unveiled yesterday was exceptional falls under the meaning! The superhero Marvel presents a new birth and unveils a film that looks very different from the two previous ones seen in the franchise Thor. Taika Waititi is at the controls and clearly, he did not shrink from anything. A Thor gladiator, wicked to the height of the God of Asgard and scenes of intense destruction. Have you seen everything in this first trailer? Do not panic it is decrypted for you and we start with a trip in the kingdom of Muspelheim. When the trailer starts, Thor is trapped in chains and is a bit of a walk as a piece of meat when in voiceover he says “You are wondering how I ‘
A short trip on Muspelheim is clearly on the program ! A kingdom licked by the flames where torment and pain reign in masters, a dream destination not? Basically it is hell, but it is also the planet on which we find Surtur, the one who in the Comics is responsible for Ragnarok … Does the latter have a much more important role than expected in the movie ? Indeed, it is also present a little further in the trailer in battle dress undoubtedly ready to fight against Thor in the arena of the Grand Master … A duel that we can not wait to see.
Destruction of the Mjolnir – Nobody could miss this image when HELA’s hand exploded the hammer into a thousand pieces … But did you think of the meaning of this moment? Our God of Asgard will no longer have to worry about whether he is worthy to raise it and especially, he will have to learn to fight without … We told you, Ragnarok will be a real rebirth for the superhero .
Hela and Massive Destruction – The character of Cate Blanchett will clearly give our heroes trouble and among the images unveiled yesterday we witness the destruction of the Mjolnir, but also that of Asgard who is not going to let . Yes, we can see the warriors fighting, even if they do not seem to make the weight in front of this enemy who has freed himself from his prison and is more fit than ever. The good news is that it will allow the meeting of Thor and his brother since in the scene where the Mjolnir bursts into a thousand pieces, one can see Thor and Loki united against Hela. We also know that the latter will come to New York to face Thor and it is hoped that the city will not suffer too much!
The fall of Valkyrie
The fall of the Valkyries – Tessa Thompson will lend her features to one of them and in a very small segment of the trailer we can see them in full fight against Hela. A flashback? Are we going to discover why Odin’s trustworthy fugitives have fled the kingdom of Asgard and more precisely why Valkyrie has decided to cut the ties with his past and to be an enemy to Thor?
The return of Heimdall – This is one of the most popular characters of the Thor franchise and yet he does not have the opportunity to be often on the screen. The good news is that we will find Heimdall in Ragnarok, but the latter will be completely transformed. More armor, but a cloak, long hair and clearly a desire to blend into the scenery that lies here being a forest populated with enemies. Who is looking forward to this new version of Heimdall?
Last but not least … We find Loki ! The latter is back for better and for worse, and if some scenes show him on his brother’s side, others place him more in the enemy’s camp, especially when he is seated in the Grand Master’s box, Ready to watch the fight between his brother and the Incredible Hulk. We find him also ready to fight with new weapons and allies who come from elsewhere. Is he determined to protect Asgard from destruction? What was the most impressive part of the trailer?