Thor Ragnarok: Thor forced to team up with Loki?

Cinema 28 February, 2017

Loki and Thor will be together in Thor Ragnarok and if the two brothers are not the best friends in the world, they will have to join forces!
So much exciting things await us in Thor Ragnarok ! After his absence from Captain America Civil War in which almost all his friends were present, the God of Asgard will be back to show us the universe. Director Taika Waititi announced , Thor Ragnarok will be both the most epic adventure of the hero, but also the funniest and at this event are also invited Loki, Odin, Doctor Strange, The Hulk and finally Hela, One of the greatest villains in the Marvel universe. If it makes freak, Hela will also be at the origin of a long-awaited meeting the fans, that of Loki and Thor.
If the two brothers do not have the simplest relationship in the world, Thor was greatly affected by Loki’s “death” and did not fail to emphasize his sacrifice to Odin. Good luck, Loki is not dead and has even chased Odin from the throne of Asgard, but he’s nice anyway and like Thor, it’s hard not to love him. The two brothers will obviously have to settle, they will have to put their problems aside. Tom Hiddleston said: “The two brothers are going to unite because they are confronted with a being capable of mass destruction, they will know terror like never before!” . While waiting for the first trailer of the film, we propose the official synopsis of Thor Ragnarok .