Thor Ragnarok: What does the change of look of the God of Asgard mean?

Cinema 9 March, 2017

A first official preview of Thor Ragnarok was given yesterday and the superhero Marvel changed its look. How important is his character?
For or against, the change of look of Thor in Ragnarok did not go unnoticed! Yesterday we unveiled 9 unpublished photos of Thor Ragnarok on which we discovered Thor, his allies and his new enemies. If we were happy to finally discover Hela (Cate Blanchett) and the Grand Master (Jeff Goldblum), which particularly attracted our attention and that of fans is the new look of the superhero. Yes, Thor has cut his long blonde hair for a short cut, abandoned his traditional Asgardiene outfit and especially (at least for the cover of EW) he does not have his Mjolnir but two rather sharp swords.
What does this mean for the superhero? You know, Ragnarok looks like the movie of all the changes for Thor , the opportunity for Marvel to prove that they can do as well with him as they did with Captain America. We are not going to hide it, Thor films are not the most striking of the MCU, but things are about to change. Indeed it is not Chris Hemsworth who will tell us the opposite since the actor announced: “It is a renaissance of the character” . The opportunity for Marvel Studios to relaunch the franchise and announce a brilliant future for Thor who remains one of the most powerful Avengers!