Those dead in “Gray’s Anatomy” that put me traumatized for life

Cinema 19 May, 2017

I did not come here to suffer, okay ?!
And here, Gray’s Anatomy season 13 is over. ABC released this Thursday, May 18 the final season, of which you can watch here the 3 key moments . All I can tell you is that contrary to usual, the Reaper has not (yet) struck . Must say that it has already done a lot of damage in previous seasons with dead who made us cry all the tears of our body. George on you <3 PS: Obviously, it's armored with SPOILERS. Dylan Young
“I did not want to blow it up . ” Even Shonda Rimes, the creator of the series, is bitterly sorry to have fueled our sexy deminer , who certainly would not have gone to work that day if he had read the newspaper the day before (big up to all fans of ” Tomorrow in the spotlight ” ). For you to remember the trick, it was at the end of season 2: Meredith manages to extract a bomb from the body of a patient thanks to the support of Dylan. The miss comes out of the block the sense of duty accomplished, advanced by the deminer who holds the bomb in his hands. And then: BOUM! A Dylan scattered puzzle way and here is Meredith good for some sessions in the shrink.
Adele Webber
We’re not going to squirm: Adele’s life was rotten. And I’m not talking about the film Kechiche, but beautiful and Richard’s wife, who went through all the unimaginable hardships: her guy deceived her, she lost a baby at 52 pins, she had Alzheimer’s, etc. In short, what does not kill you … bah kills you in the end. His death was heard in the voice of Richard, who, in Bailey’s wedding, told Meredith that his wife had a cardiac arrest on the operating table. The episode concludes with a dance between the director of the hospital and his fire at the rhythm of “My Funny Valentine” . Get out the handkerchiefs.
Charles Percy
Ok, the Mercy West defector was not the most endearing character. But I have a heart, and he bled like everyone else when the man gave his last breath to a helpless Bailey. He had just been plunged by Gary Clark, the crazy shooter. Mary, one of her patients, and so Bailey, thought she could save him by dragging him to the block, but they just took a “block” of the elevator, immobilized because of the quarantine. Charles emptied her blood slowly, making Bailey promise she would tell Reed that he had always loved her, not knowing that she had also been killed by the gunner before. #VDM.
Henry Burton
The ideal son-in-law, charming with everyone. Alas, life did not give him any gifts either. The guy has developed an incalculable number of tumors, almost forcing him to marry Teddy, history to crunch a little of his mutual. An understanding of reason that ultimately turned into a true love story. What made us even more in the hard when that good old Henry is dead on the operating table of an umpteenth tumor …
Mark Sloan
Heavy weapons were attacked with Dr. Glam ‘who was part of this famous death plane at the end of Season 8. Even though gentleman waited for the first episode of Season 9 to die from his injuries. Meanwhile, he will have had time to see Lexie die before her eyes and confess that she has always been “the woman of her life” . A shocking scene that leads us to believe that Mark deliberately let her die to join her on the other side. So romantic.
Lexie Gray
Speaking of the she-wolf, she is lying on the ground in the depths of a forest. This death was a heartbreak for all the fans of the series who had adopted the half-sister of Meredith as soon as he arrived in season 4. No one had seen his death come, which makes it all the worse . We have more than our eyes to weep …
Denny Duquette
And yes, before giving birth to the Winchester brothers in “Supernatural” and martyrizing Rick and his crew in “The Walking Dead” , Jeffrey Dean Morgan has spellbound us in “Gray’s Anatomy” in the guise of Denny Duquette. A patient waiting for a heart transplant, for which Izzie Stevens would have given her own heart. We also from elsewhere. Nothing but to avoid this fucking emotional lift in mode “the graft has succeeded ” => “Uh no, it’s dead” . Immediately married, immediately widowed, Izzie ended in depression …
Derek Shepherd
Between us, one would have believed a death of “Final Destination” : of the inescapable kind and totally debilitated. Seriously, why did you reserve this spell for Dr. Mamour ?! You remember this episode: Derek is on his way, he is overtaken by a driver who then causes an accident in front of him. The doctor quickly made himself useful by taking care of the wounded before the arrival of the rescue. And it is when you think that everything is safe, that it resumes the quiet road that it is hit by a semi-trailer . Shock ! He died at the Seattle Grace, leaving behind a pregnant widow. Ugly.
George O’Malley
Unquestionably the most overwhelming death of the Earth, the universe and the united cosmos. At the end of season 5, George O’Malley announces to his colleagues that he sets sail to enlist in the army as a doctor. A little later in the same episode, a disfigured patient is cared for at the Seattle Grace. No one knows his identity, the only information about him being that he was knocked down by a bus after saving a young woman. But Meredith will understand that it is O’Malley when the latter will write 007 on hand, referring to his nickname ( “007 allowed to kill” ). A heartbreak that I still have not recovered.