TI in concert, it blows a cable against a fan

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

This weekend, the rapper TI completely fell the lead during a concert. The reason ? A fan touched it where it was not necessary …
Definitely, not easy to be a star everyday … If everyone has the impression that the life of the rappers boils down to beautiful girls, bling-bling jewelry and parties without a tomorrow (as they gladly suggest In their clips), we are often far from reality! Take for example the case of Soulja Boy that just after clashing Kanye West Chris Brown : all is not rosy in the relations that rappers have with one another or even with their fans … This is exactly what experienced TI this weekend at a concert he gave in Canada! Then he regained one of his many songs on stage, the rapper has been touched the buttocks by a fan too agitated … Obviously, he did not appreciate the gesture and even almost come in the hands !
Approaching the public for a piece to hit a few hands in the front row, TI had the surprise of his life when one of his fans was allowed to touch her buttocks without her permission. Just after the rapper obviously farted a cable and he even threatened the person to come to blows because of this lack of respect! Fortunately a bodyguard quickly arrived on stage to control the situation and avoid the worst … This incident should dissuade other fans to allow themselves unacceptable things with their idols! To stay in the rap world, we can not wait that NLP back with his next clip: the duo speaks . How would you react to TI’s place?