Timeless, best valve Chandler “Muriel” Bing in “Friends”

Cinema 6 December, 2016

Small compilation ‘Choice projections of the king of sarcasm was named Chandler Muriel Bing!
While the crew is perfect and that each character brings its share of delusions, for my part, it is no doubt that Chandler is the funniest band member of Central Perk. Black belt in sarcasm, Monica’s husband blurted good valves throughout the 10 seasons of “Friends” (but also less good, but it is the public who was lame, English bastards!). This made it difficult for all swing here, but there is already plenty to do for kiffer his day.
1 / Hello my name is Chandler and I of humor whenever I am uncomfortable
2 / (Phoebe) – I put a spell on the money, which means that misfortune will befall whoever wants to spend it!
– Oh, I take it, anyway misfortunes I have a whole list. Ben what, you never heard of the list of Chandler?
3 / I’m not very good advice. You would not sarcasm instead?
4 / (Kathy) – You have very beautiful hair
– Thank you, I’m pushing myself
5 / (Ross) – You know what? I will be happy this year. I will make me happy!
– You want to leave the room?
6 / (Monica) – Oh come on, stop! The camera always gives me five kilos more
– Y’avait how many cameras that ran that day?
7 / (Ross) – No, but is it like something, say, in particular?
– But obviously you press my third nipple and it immediately opens you the door of magical land of Narnia.
8 / (Ross) – Hey! Guess what I found for your marriage?
– A girl with a flat coat rack instead of the head?
9 / – But what he has your nose, it’s weird?
– I am actually operate and reduce because of my deviated septum.
– Oh, okay I understand now. It is this partition that was used to make a room more
10 / – Please, I have an announcement to make. I just decided to take my best friend Gunther witness?
– (Gunther) What’s my name?
– … Central Perk?
11 / (Phoebe) – You hear something?
– Yes. Someone just said “you hear something?”
12 / (Janice) – As the world is small
– And I still never met Beyonce …
13 / (Ross) – Someone at work ate my sandwich!
– Wow, and has said the police?
14 / (Eddie) – So, who left the other?
– It is I who have left. She thought that Sean Penn was the capital of Cambodia …
– (Eddie) Yeah, because everyone knows that the capital of Cambodia is … uh …
– … It’s not Sean Penn!
15 / (Ross) – I’ll ask her to live with me
– Are you serious ?
– I wanna say why not? Why not ?!
– Because you know that the last 6 weeks. In the fridge I have a bottle of milk with whom I had a relationship longer than that!
16 / What I find strange is that Donald Duck never had pants. That’s right, every time he came out of the shower, he always put a towel around the waist. Yeah, it’s still a bit surprising right? You have others?