Timeless, Designated Survivor, Lethal Weapon: The most popular series of the season!

Cinema 18 November, 2016

As we approach mid-season, it came time to take stock of the new season. Quickly discover what are the most popular news of the season!

nbc-abc-fox-this-is-us-designated-survivorWith some episodes on the clock, the new series of the season have had time to find their audience and especially to find a place in the heart of sériesphiles. As every year, the news of the most popular networks of the season are classified by TV Guide. And the result has fallen. Quickly discover who has won first place among the 20 new series launched since September. Who will succeed Revenge, Arrow, Sleepy Hollow, Gotham or Blindspot? Start the Top 3 of the series with the fourth position. Why ? Because this is the worst place to be because we almost failed to be on the podium. This year, it is the action comedy / Police FOX Lethal Weapon has the honor of having just missed 3rd place. The adaptation of the film of the same name saga has established itself in the heart of Americans and I must say it had more to prove than others because there was a sacred luggage. This adaptation is really nice and well worth the look. Before her, there Timeless, whose criticism of the excellent game change what episode 6 is read melty . The NBC series SF is third in this ranking of popularity and it deserves its place as it is entertaining, carried by a cast at the top and damn good.
Who are the two most popular series of the season? The answer to this question is almost obvious. This is very good series This Is Us and Designated Survivor, whose criticism of episode 7 is to read about melty . In second place we find the series on Canal +, with Milo Ventimiglia, Justin Hartley and Mandy Moore. A moving, beautiful and sensitive, she conquered the public’s heart and it makes him well because it is one of the series with the best ratings of the season. Kiefer Sutherland is the king of the season . According to the rankings of TV Guide , the new show of the former Jack Bauer is the most appreciated by the audience. The popularity of Kiefer there is clearly no coincidence. The series really deserves the glance (she is on Netlfix) as it is exciting and addictive. Do you agree with this ranking?