Timeless: Episode 6, revelations of festival and confirmation theory, our criticism

Cinema 16 November, 2016

The creator of Timeless had not lied! This episode 6 of the time series is a revelation of the festival, confirming a popular theory and raises other questions.

nbc-timeless-rittenhouse-garcia-flynn-abigailThis is the time travel we were missing. With the backdrop of the Watergate scandal, we learn more about Rittenhouse, the motivations of Flynn and the secrets of our trio are exposed to light . It does not look like that but held within 42 minutes of the episode. You can imagine the intensity of this new adventure. Erik Kripke, co-creator of Timeless, had warned us that the revelations were coming but we did not expect much at once. For once, there’s no getting around, we are thrilled. Not you ? First things first. In Listens Nixon, there is a hole 18 minutes. What the President said? Good question. One thing is certain, Rittenhouse does not want it to be known. So Flynn drove into the pile or rather in 1972, and steals the audio cassette. Then he falls on our favorite trio and kidnaps them. This is an opportunity for Flynn to unveil and explain his dark motives. He replayed Lucy Wyatt and Rufus (who still plays the spy for the Rittenhouse). So Lucy discovers the importance of this group whose Flynn speaks to him from the beginning. There’s something to be shaken because all the secrets come out at once. Rufus and Wyatt discover that their friend has spoken many times with Flynn, they also discover the existence of Lucy’s book. In short, we must not lose the thread.
Rufus and Lucy Flynn forced to recover a “doc” mentioned by Nixon on Ausio band and that should be related to Rittenhouse otherwise he will kill Wyatt. Everything goes quickly and we find ourselves immersed in a complicated political situation which we do not understand everything. The socio-political context of the America of the 70s is not the simplest possible and easy to lose sight of what is happening. Rufus uses the Black Panthers to help him in his quest and anyway, Lucy and found him “doc” , which is thus a young woman and not a document. It is here where we find the pot to the roses. Rittenhouse is a kind of sect that existed since 1778 and which the parties do not know what others are doing . We learn more but many mysteries still surround the group. Meanwhile, Flynn reveals his prisoner Wyatt . NSA agent, he worked on Mason Industries when he began to encounter the name of Rittenhouse. The group has gone ahead and killed his wife and daughter by making her wear the hat. This is why it time travel, it tries to eradicate the cult to find his family. Goran Visnjic finally manages to express his talent and it’s nice to see.
It happened so many things and yet the episode is not over. Rufus admits he spied for Lucy Wyatt and Rittenhouse, Wyatt discovers that Lucy knows or will know a lot about the death of his wife Lucy and finally meets his father … One of the favorite theories Timeless 3 of fans is reflected in this episode 6. the father of the historian is none other than the member Rittenhouse threatening Rufus. WHAAAAAT! So intense episode and that surprises by the number of revelations. So nothing will be the same in the rest of the season one of the NBC series. If you have a headache, it’s normal. We will have a good week, until the next episode, to digest it all. We’ll have to also think about what we have learned about the death of the wife of Wyatt. It is now certain that there will be a link to the rest. Anyway, this episode of 6 Timeless is the episode that we were looking forward; it answers many questions and relaunch the series in a direction that looks exciting . So you liked this episode crazy?